Exhibition industry is the platform to learn and explore. No matter how old industrial player you are, you will get to learn something new and innovative every second time.

Exhibition industry is dynamic and fast moving, here trends constantly change and corporates and companies try to stay ahead with the ongoing trend.

These day, the key trend of exhibition is highly advanced and unique customer-visitor experiences are being enjoyed through a wide-range of tools, including technology, layout, furnishing and branding. Our clients always want to rock the floor by creating ‘WOW’ factor, and it’s the prime job of stand fabricator to create powerful impression through their exhibition stand design.

Here are a few exhibition trends that are trending in the market.

  • Technology: Technology and digitalization can be seen in every sector, it seems like technology and innovation have the solution to improve and solve every issue in this world. This trend in exhibition sector is going to stay for a long run. More and more companies are using hi-tech and innovative equipment like – AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) for staying in the market trend.

Touch screen display and interactive screens are already used by the exhibition stand designers now-a-days. However, it is necessary for the exhibitors to use the technology according to their business and products. Almost every exhibitor includes device charging station in their stall.

  • Space and Layout: In 2019, organizers started a new way of using space in the exhibition. Traditional rectangular and boxy shape booths are out of the market, now open booths are created by keeping visitor’s experience in mind.

Opening parts of the exhibit area, while enclosing others with walls and ceilings, helps to manipulate the space, and avoid the monotony of cookie cutter exhibition stand designs used by exhibition stand fabricators till now.  

  • Creating Better Customer Experience: One of the fastest growing trend in exhibitions are using techniques and tricks to create unique and immersive customer experience. Rather than including seats, counters and signage exhibitors are putting major focus on creating sensory and unique.


  • Use of Furniture and Fabric: Leaving the past look behind, the hottest trends are hitting the exhibition floor now. In 2019, visitor’s comfort and relaxation matters a lot for the exhibitors. A new comfortable laid-back feel is created by using furniture and fabrics. Adding home touch in the exhibition booth like carpeting and covering the walls with fabric as well as using comfortable furniture, sofas, couches, armchairs and more.

Including all these can add more comfortable and pleasing feel and create warmer and homely feel for attracting the visitors.

  • Proper Lightning: Lightning is the most important and effective way of creating mood. There are various ways of putting proper lighting in the exhibition booth.
  1. Lighting fixtures, like hanging chandeliers can convey a sense of luxury.
  2. Industrial lighting can seem modern.
  3. Track lighting can be used as another decorative element.
  4. Backlighting display cases can create a futuristic vibe.
  • Quality is the trend that never fades: Quality is timeless it never change, no matter what is the ongoing market trend quality will always remain the priority for all. Professional and experienced exhibition stand builders can create most intricate design easily as well as they also provide guidance that how to build the most attractive booth under budget and on time.

Designing the booth according to the market trend will benefit both the contractor and the exhibitor. Contractor will get more successful exhibition stories to add in their portfolio and exhibitors will get opportunities to let their brand reach at the height of sky.  

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