5 Tips to Make Your Next Exhibition stall a Success

One of the biggest advantages of an exhibition stall in a trade fair is that you may welcome your clients to your exhibition stall rather than going out and looking for them. You can only take advantage of this opportunity if you are prepared, have partners, and have a procedure in place.

Colour Square offers advice on how to make your upcoming exhibition show stall successful. These suggestions have been condensed from our 15+ years of experience, during which we have served 500+ clients at 100+ venues.

Any marketing or business expansion strategy can’t compare to the advantages of exhibiting at a trade show. Trade shows facilitate trillions of business deals each year. Although not all exhibition stalls are successful, the biggest and greatest ones undoubtedly have an advantage. The design of the exhibition stand also has a significant impact.

It’s challenging to achieve a profitable ROI from a trade show exhibit.

According to Colour Square, a full-service exhibition stall builder in Germany, Those who use tactics like the ones you are about to read were the most successful at trade fairs. 

1. Find a skilled exhibition stand builder and booth designer for your exhibition stall.

Although your firm might not have in-house knowledge of booth design, you should still be able to create a beautiful exhibition stall and display booth at a captivating exhibition. Choosing a skilled and knowledgeable exhibition stall builder, booth designer, and stand designer company will free up your time to concentrate on growing your business. Find a service provider who has a track record of producing stalls for exhibitors who share your interests and those who compete in your market.

The best place for you to interact with your brand and meet people you might not otherwise encounter is at an exhibition stall. Visitors to exhibitions are potential clients looking for new partners, providers of solutions, or your product. Trade shows and exhibitions have many benefits, but they also require a lot of time, effort, and resources.

2. Successful exhibition stalls generate a good return on investment (ROI).

All exhibition stalls must have a quantitative return on investment (ROI). The success of the booth increases with ROI. Setting specific, measurable objectives is the first step in determining whether you are receiving your money’s worth: What are your goals for the occasion, and how will you judge your success? Perhaps you want to sign up new clients right away, or perhaps you want to get quality sales leads. You might want to introduce a new product to a huge and enthusiastic audience, or you might want to build valuable brand awareness through newspaper coverage or social media buzz. Whatever your objectives, you must set them up front and create a strategy to accomplish them if you want to have the highest chance of success.

A straightforward method can be used to determine your ROI: To calculate your ROI as a percentage, subtract your expenses from your revenue, divide the result by your expenses, and then multiply the result by 100. In this instance, costs will cover rent for the space, registration, building, establishing, dismantling, storing, marketing, giving away items, travel, lodging, and any other show-related expenses. Make sure you’ve taken into account their costs if you’re planning to hire freelancers to staff your booth or a special guest speaker.

Since revenue can include more than just money made from show-related sales, it can be considerably more difficult to calculate. For example, if the purpose of your event is to raise brand or product awareness, you’ll need to estimate the amount that will be worth in terms of marketing value and utilize that amount as your income.

3. Expand your Reach through the exhibition stall in the trade show. 

This utilizes the advice from Monkey See, Monkey Do. Easily seen promotional giveaways are a great method to increase the visibility of your booth.

Your exhibition stall design should incorporate large stickers, accessories, light-up items, etc. At the conclusion of the show, those who are wearing your promotional items will be eligible to win big prizes.

These are fantastic because as more people start wearing them, more people will want them themselves. Additionally, it serves as a fantastic discussion starter for attendees, inserting your brand and booth into the dialogue.

Keep in mind your previous clients

Do not presume that your existing clients will stop by your booth. Make sure they have a good reason to see you because they have a limited amount of time. Offering worthwhile giveaways is one method to achieve this. Make sure you give them something they’ll want to keep, like portable chargers or reusable coffee mugs, because it’s highly likely that their bags will be filled with pens and keychains that will end up in a trash can right after the performance. Discounts on your goods or services are another option. This will strengthen your relationship with them and give them a sense of appreciation. Also, remember to update your email signature to spread the news! To increase awareness among your audience, use the show logo and your stand number.

4. Pick a Suitable Custom Display.

Without a suitable exhibition stall display, no amount of planning and research will be of much use. A customized exhibition stall/ booth that meets your brand or product goals and shows objectives will be successful. Your success depends on making an accurate and beneficial impression on potential customers, which is impossible with an exhibit that blends in with the other displays on the trade show floor or, worse, appears shabby or unprofessional.

A trade fair exhibit’s design and build require both art and science. Even if you’re blessed to be surrounded by skilled carpenters and graphic designers, you might discover that the unique requirements of booth design are beyond the scope of your in-house team’s expertise. The best way to make sure that your display will leave the right impression on trade show guests and will move you significantly closer to a successful show appearance—is to work with a professional and knowledgeable exhibition stall design company.

For more than 15 years, Color Square has assisted the biggest brands in the world in connecting with trade show audiences. You can collaborate with our talented and knowledgeable experts to develop and create a display that will support your trade fair objectives. We’ll make sure every component of your booth enables you to connect with customers and leave a lasting impression. Call us right away.

5. Add a component that is interactive

The technological options for exhibition stalls/stands have greatly expanded over the past years. This means that if you haven’t spent some time developing a way for buyers to interact with your product digitally, you will probably be in the minority.

In past years, there has been a vast increase in the variety of interactive technologies accessible for exhibition stands. You will have plenty of opportunities to make your stand out to visitors thanks to the myriad of inventive and engaging possibilities that branded digital games, augmented reality, social media, and digital surveys inspire.

One last thing to keep in mind is that overly aggressive salesmanship will turn visitors away from your booth more than anything else. Consider exhibitions as a chance to sell your brand as a whole rather than as a chance to sell individual products, though this may still occur.

According to studies, it might take up to three months for good cumulative returns to manifest after attending an exhibition, but they are followed by ongoing positive returns over the long term as well as a rise in product awareness and interest.

Simply follow these 5 easy steps to increase traffic to your exhibition stand. Additionally, keep in mind that successful exhibitions can be created with careful planning and innovative design.

If you need help putting together an exhibition stand that will draw visitors, Skyline Whitespace has a great selection of portable displays as well as imaginative modular and custom exhibition stands. Contact our staff right away if you want further details.

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