A STEP BY STEP APPROACH: Ever wondered how will you make your product`s first impression a lasting impression? Create an out-of-the-box experience inside the box through exquisite exhibition stand design. Do not promote the product but give your consumer the experience he deserves.

Exhibition stalls bring out all the products and services of the company by designing stalls that are intricate and one of a kind. These make a perfect image of the brand of the company in the minds of the consumer. Various exhibitions provide a platform for promotion and create a visual impact on the end consumer.

Each year there are a variety of theme-based exhibitions that takes place where one can see the interesting combination of technology and art. These exhibitions are a place for anyone to make a spot in the industry. The various stalls with limited space availability are a challenge for anyone to create a positive impression. Hence it’s always better to give it to the experts for creating exhibition stalls.

How does it work?

The story of creating the stall starts with the conceptualization of the idea in a step by step approach through exquisite design. To keep it simple, one has to plan the work and work on the plan.

1) Get the idea 

One needs to brains storm the ideas with the designer. Clarity of thought is of prime importance.  Creativity and budget play a significant role in making the idea a working possibility.  The idea has to be accepted then only one can take the next step. The stalls created can be one-sided, two-sided, or three-sided.  The structure is decided on a square meter basis.  A lot of decisions need to be taken while making the plan. 

2) Make it work 

The moment the blueprint is accepted, the focus gets shifted to the fabrication part. The use of various stands such as a popup, banner, hanging banner, catalog along with podiums adds interesting variations to the entire idea. The whole stall is created in the factory weeks before. The placement of hoarding, laminated floors, wooden structures, carpets, furniture, and fixtures, everything is premeditated and placed in such a way it looks spaced out. Audio with visual effects along with lighting gets added into this interesting mix.

3) Bring it to life 

Little things are put together to make the big picture. The fabricator, electrician, and supervisor arrive at the scene along with the parts at least one day prior to the exhibition day. Just like a jigsaw puzzle, all the parts are placed to recreate the design. From an idea to its actual conceptualization, the work is done using 3D techniques by experienced professionals. The wonders can be seen when every inch of the space is utilized. When the life-size version is seen, only one word comes into mind “Wow”! 

The story ends when the exhibition is completed and the parts being dismantled to be taken back to the factory. Exhibition Stall Design is just not the display picture. The intricacies and the manpower involved to do this task are humongous. Having said this, with all the effort put in, the smile on the customer`s face with the experience he felt while being in the stall is something to look out for! 

At Coloursquare, we take a special interest in pleasing our customers. We endeavor to bring out the best with the help of seasoned designers, fabricators, experienced technicians, and up-to-date technology. The intricacies of the process are taken off and we miss nothing to zero. Take a leap of faith to see your product making a mark in the minds of the consumer!

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