There are many ways an effective exhibition stall could be created out for the brand reach and promotion at an expo and exhibition center. There are many ways an exhibition stall designer creates an effective exhibition stand, however, from a long list of props and activities included at exhibition stall designing to make it attractive, the most important one is lightening. Lightening, at the exhibition stall effectively used enriches, its, beauty to multiple points and measures.    

The most important aspect of exhibition stall designing with respect to lightning is that it is not included with an exhibition package. The normal tradition while pursued in the exhibition stall designing industry is based around pricing around the square of carpet in a larger room while two or three partition walls out there based around the stands location.      

When coming in terms to the lightening at the stall you are required to be organized and very systematic.  The first and foremost aspect of lighting at the exhibition stall is getting a proper authorization and clearance from the fire safety department of the respective area for anything electrical including spotlight, extension cables that are required to undergone a PAT (Portable Appliance Tested) and carry the suitable label with signature and date to when this was carried out.  
Some common types of lights used at the exhibitions by the exhibition stall fabricators are:-

•    Spotlights and Floodlights: To illuminate the exhibition stand, the easiest way to carry out the task is flood light. They are the easiest way of lighting up an exhibition stand. Spotlights are used to bring refinement at the exhibition stall. Designed compact, they don’t block light emerging and appearing from the backdrop. To bring a larger area under illumination you can choose flood light.

•    Light Emitting Diode (LED) or Halogen: Another smarter way to lit up an exhibition stand is by mobile lighting by using LED lighting of halogen. Many people and businesses are using the method of LED lighting, which is a much better and sustainable option and environment friendly too. It is as well suitable for energy conservation without wasting any energy. The lesser energy don’t make led dim, however, it is a very smart way to luminosity. . LEDS are better option as a matter of durability having the longer life expectancy. They have 30 times longer life than halogen bulbs.

•    Rope Lighting: Used as minimal form of lightning though the effective one   is rope lighting. In rope lighting, the small LED bulbs are encased in plastic tubing safe guarding them from the any sort of accidental damage. They are generally available in different lengths and colours. For creating an effective backdrop, the luminosity of rope lights could be used by an exhibition stall fabricator in Delhi.

But the most important aspect, however, getting a stand illuminating is to cross check, whether, there is proper electric socket is available at the exhibition stand or not.


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