Year of 2018 was a mix up of victories and failures for the brands. Many brands rose to better performance and others diminished in the course of activities during the period of previous year. However, the role of advertising agencies is very instrumental in making or marginalizing a brand despite its geographical location.

With year 2019 is just about to arrive, the advertising agencies in Delhi will have ample opportunity to inspire and activate customers in way to improve the discipline of marketing as well as improve the impact of revenue. Hence creative agencies in year 2019 requires to keep following things in mind.      

•    In the coming year advertising agencies are required to try new thing and ideas on the regular basis. It is not necessary that every time, the idea would be huge success, however, the ideas implemented should be real one. Therefore, you must keep on moving as a part of industry must learn from each other and even can share knowledge with each other through the medium of commentary and dialogue

•    With so much and many mediums of communications and ample proliferation of knowledge building trust into a brand is very difficult. And the year 2019 would not be year different altogether. So, the duty of best advertising agencies precisely lies upon the restoring credibility to communication and making better image of the brand. Actions, therefore, must align to the values of the brand, and customers hence see those values being lived by every worker and in every transaction, internal or external.

•    Previous few years have witnessed too much data collection, especially, big data by the advertising agencies.  In this data driven marketing practices the aggregate data has been felt out to be more imperative than the individual data. However, the previous year had been the controversial one with respect to data accumulation as the new of the data breach by Facebook and other companies was quite common. Data minimalism is the trend to emerge in next year.  An advertising agency thus ensures that they make campaign on the data pattern that is viable and much required to run the services.  Data collection activities should must merge with the business objectives.    

•    Most, importantly, brands as well as advertising agencies require to come out of the notion of    short termism where branding goals are defined. Brands are losing out there sheen and loyal customers too due to their obsession with performance marketing and digital centralization. With agile execution brands are mostly are eyeing towards quarterly business review ignoring the long term business growth.

Thus, it is clear that advertising agencies work area is to be refined in 2019 according to the above discussed ideas.     




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