In the trade show, The concept of backlighting is not new, it is used in billboards, hoarding, outdoor promotion, and gaining huge popularity in exhibition stands for showcasing a massive brand impression in front of the audience. The illuminated exhibition stand puts a positive impact on the visitors and delivers the brand message clearly.

Back-lit graphics look eye-catchy and attract visitors’ attention while passing by your exhibition stand.

Below are a few benefits of using trade show backlit displays for your exhibition booth.

  • Communicates brand message well

Illuminated graphics look appealing and delivers the brand message well, as compared to normal graphics. It quickly communicates to the audience who you are and what products and services you are offering them. It derives the interest of the audience towards your brand.

  • Draws visitor’s attention to your booth space

You can illuminate your stand as you want, but remember not to use unnecessary lighting. You can add LED lights on one or both sides of the graphics to attract more and more audiences. True white LED lights booth your overall graphics and gives a better experience to the visitors.

  • Easy to assemble and lightweight

Backlit fabric displays are light weighted, handy, and easy to assemble. You can transport it from one to another without putting much effort.

  • Fully Customizable

Backlit displays are portable and fully customizable. There are various options available such as modular LED lightbox displays, light towers, backlit pop-up displays, and backlit portable counters.

  • Highly versatile

One of the best qualities of the backlit LED display is its versatility. These displays not only illuminate exhibition stands but can also be used at the airport, shopping malls, on portable counters, etc. with great impact.

If you are planning for participating in an exhibition or want to display your brand’s hoarding or billboard with back-lit LED lightning then choose the exhibition stand designer and fabricator with ample industrial experience and who knows the art of presenting everything at its best.

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