From renting space for exhibiting to taking follow up from the leads and all the other tasks done before and during exhibition can be pricey as well as effortful. But among all, the most important thing that exhibitor needs to pay maximum heed on is the design and type of exhibition stand.

For standing out from the crowd of the market, displaying a unique brand image among the target audience and competitors double decker exhibition stand can be the best choice. There are many professional International Stall Designers who can design the best double decker exhibition stands.

This type of stand attracts more audience and use the allotted space properly. There are numerous other benefits of double decker stands, a few of them are mentioned below.

  • More Customer Engagement and Privacy

It is quite obvious that there would be lot of hassle-bustle on the lower tier of the exhibition stand. Adding the upper tier will attract more audience as they will get more space to communicate and perform CTA. The upper storey enables your team to engage in personal meetings, discussion or conference in a peaceful environment.

  • Enhance Brand Awareness

Increasing brand awareness is the prime motive of every exhibitor in the ground. Having double decker stand means you are not just limited to one level to market yourself on. Displaying two storey stand gives you an opportunity to add more LED lighting, graphics, and, monitors on stand that will attract the visitors more that will ultimately increase footfalls and brand awareness.

  • Hold a unique image

Almost every one of us have been to exhibitions or trade fair at least once in our life and have noticed one common thing, that is lack of two storey exhibition stands. This is not because they are more costly, it is because a lot of companies want to sick on the previous options they have worked before.

Signs that shows you are a growing company and infusing the ongoing market trend in your business is reflected when you are adopting the latest techniques and trends. Exhibiting your brand through two storey booth let you stand out from the crowd with a unique brand image.


  • Gives more display option even is small space

Renting space in the exhibition ground is never an easy task, sometimes due to long list of exhibitors we are allotted small or compact space. But our aim is always to blow the trumpet of our brand as much as possible, for doing this exhibiting through double decker stand can be the best option.

There are Exhibition Stall Designing Companies that provides unique design, proper fabrication and hassle free installation of exhibition stands.


Some well-known International exhibition stand designing and fabrication company designs flawless double decker exhibition stand in the global market. Every stands are designed with stairs, bridges, pre-engineered decks along with bold graphics to match the diverse requirements of each client.

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