Exhibitors participate in exhibitions with the aim of elevating brand awareness, making new relations, strengthening the old ones that ultimately generates ROI and uplift the brand. Lots of process, time, money and hard work is needed for all this to happen successfully.

On the exhibition ground exhibition stand is the key to success. For setting a unique brand image and achieving the desired goals your stand needs to be perfect. But presenting a booth that create wow factor is not that easy. There are many troubles faced by the stand builder while fabricating the booth.

In this article we will discuss about the challenges that are going to come across.

  • Logistics

If your company is based in India and you are your exhibiting in Europe, you should choose best exhibition stand builder who also provide their services in different countries of the world. Maybe working with them can be challenging due to difference in language & time. However, there are some leading companies who can understand and translate the brief. Their team manages everything from designing to fabrication, installation and execution on the ground, effectively and efficiently.

Working this way will remove nightmare of shipping, which can be the biggest hurdle.

If you are shipping, make sure you understand a few things. How long does it take? Who will assemble your stand when it arrives? How will it be shipped, as it might not be suitable for your stand or your stock? It is necessary to seek professional knowledge when working at this scale.

  • Quality Control

It is quite difficult to manage the quality of the stand, be sure that the stand you have overseen will arrive the same after shipping. So you need to know the risks. A good exhibition stand designing company will have processes in place to ensure quality and have built their reputations on the quality of what they deliver.

  • Construction Period

It’s essential for the exhibitors to hire that company who supply exhibition stands to exhibitors in a short time. Exaggeration in the design period usually take up one or two weeks but few exhibitors always have a day or two for this.

While designing designers need to pay attention to the problems of clients and create stands that are easy to assemble, and dismantle.

  • Staffing

The most common hurdle is getting staff in the country where you are exhibiting. It is essential to at least have a local assistant who can guide about the culture, nature and language of the people.

This will minimalize language barrier and give you a change to communicate openly with new people.


These are not the only challenges; they’re simply some of the more common ones. So, before exhibiting make sure you are ready with the solution.

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