In today’s world of digitalization, a website is a great asset for a company. It is a platform that makes the audience aware of the products, services, and achievements of a company. Website is the major tool for influencing visitors to know more about the business and converting the prospect into a loyal customer.

For designing and developing a user-friendly website it is very important to pay attention to website usability. Website usability means making the website easy to use, whether that is clicking around, reading content, completing a task or loading a page.

After usability, the second important thing that makes the website user-friendly is the accessibility. It is the component of usability that focuses on your visitor’s limitations and skills, and how these things influence the ways they use and consume information available on your website.

There are many other characteristics of a user-friendly website. A few of them are given below.

  • Mobile-Optimized

In today’s time, majority of people use internet on their mobile phones. So, it is very important to design mobile compatible or mobile optimized website.’

For checking mobile compatibility, the first step you need to take is to see how your website appears on mobile phones. You can use Google mobile site tester to find this out. If you still don’t have the mobile vision of your website you can create it free by using web-based mobile website builders.

  • Easily accessible to all users

One of the most important characteristics of a mobile-friendly website is that it should be easily accessible to all the users, either old-aged, or any physical disable such as – visual impairment, etc. These users mostly use screen-readers to access the Internet.

The 508 website accessibility guidelines show simple web design techniques that can be applied on your website to make sure that it can be accessed easily on-screen readers, making your website available to a huge audience

  • Clear page name, structure, and navigation

Visitors can arrive on any page of your website. So, not only the homepage it is important to focus on all the other pages too. Make it easy for the user to have good experience of using your navigation and page names without any guesswork.

  • Well framed content

The majority of users don’t pay attention to reading the whole content and descriptions, they just want to focus on key points to get the information. So, you need to frame your website content by keeping this in mind that it should relevant to your visitor’s needs.

Use appropriate and attractive headings, sub-heading, informative and simple paragraphs, bullet points or lists to break the text.

  • Simple forms

Forms play an important role in making the website user-friendly. Visitor’s information is collected from the website form, so it is essential to keep it simple, engaging, attractive and user-friendly. Apply user-friendly form designs to make it easy for the user to understand and fill it within seconds.

A user-friendly website is very important for a business to grow digitally. If you want your business to be successful it is necessary to have a responsive website with all the above-mentioned characteristics. There are many website designing companies in Delhi who can design an optimum website for you.

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