Keyword Cannibalization in SEO

There are many ways that search engine optimization practices has been generally used through and implemented both in off page as well as on page practices. Among common connotation around Keyword Cannibalization, the practice of weaving a keyword per page has been found as a most explainable definition of Keywords Cannibalization in practices of Search Engine Optimization in Delhi and at used globally.  
According to some surveys, it has been found that a page ranking at the first page too, similarly, has been found to be at the same position for some other related 1,000 keywords. However, with a good keywords, there, multiple pages could also be shown for multiple pages.   

There is misconception, when, working with same keyword on multiple pages, there are chances that multiple pages of the same page may begin working against each other. Whether it be search engine optimization in Delhi or Search Engine Marketing in the city, the practice of Keyword Cannibalization is has not any credible technical expertise and goal.       

The common belief about the cannibalization occurs when multiple pages targets the same keyword hurting each other with quite enough. Google won’t rank any of them.   It can’t confuses search engines, as, they know individually the pages what each of the pages contains there content to be worth crawling or not. The intent of information, there, is of the upmost position and Google on the parameters of web semantics now gauge the pages to be worth writeable or not.

Sometimes, if there are two pages ranking respectively for 400 different keywords and 600 keywords, there are chances that they can be being ranked for the similar keywords and dissimilar keywords as well.  There are hence ways and methods for ranking a page and then intent of the page is more important than anything else in search engine optimization in Delhi. 


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