OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), Chemical Manufacturer, Steel Makers and other are important segment of product manufacturing process of a brand that is recognized by an end consumer.  These raw materials and OEMs pays an integral role in success of consumer centric brands, however, are lesser known as a brand in market and among consumers.   

Otherwise, as an important trend in the market is emerging, where, (Business to Business (B2B) brands are being promoted by advertising agencies in Delhi in their respective industrial platform to get connected with the customers. The conventional wisdom of B to B promotion on the basis of determining personal selling as a brand.  
Instead, best advertising agencies in Delhi with knowledge base with B2B companies for complex needs is using their USP for B to B brand promotion. Though it is not an easy task, where, companies are focused more towards recruiting, training, deploying and managing an effective sales force, the planning and building of a sound brand architecture is relatively competitive task.

AD agencies in Delhi are focusing more upon on the aspects of supporting the sale process, underpinning customer relationships and sustaining trust with customers for creating a sound brand architecture for B2B companies. Another important aspect of Brand architecture is to make B2B firms safer from risk of each step of business relationship with customer.

On a broader aspect a firm’s brand architecture is consisted of brands and their interrelatioships that is consisted of umbrella, line and modifier brands.

Brand architecture therefore is consisted of different areas including market segment, target imperatives, mergers and acquisitions, competitive positioning, cost driven consolidation and rationalization of brand. An ad agency therefore should focus upon these principals in mind to make brand architecture more effective and transparent. 

The organization’s degree of centralization hence be reflected through and by the mediums of brand architecture or it is standardized or customized brand architecture. Brand architecture therefore reduce customers’ risk and supports extensively the sale process in advertising and brand communication for B2B companies.


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