Exhibitions and trade fairs are always a big deal for exhibitors, either the existing player or a new comer it’s a grand game for all. For first time exhibitors it becomes quite tough to understand from where to star and what to choose to hold a unique brand image.

First time exhibitors get confused when the organizer ask to choose one among the two options either Shell Scheme or Space Only.  Exhibitors should remember one thing that there is no best option between them, both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Now, before knowing the advantages and disadvantages, it is necessary to know what does these two terms stands for.

Shell Scheme

Shell Scheme generally have three modular wall and filled with panels and supported with frames. Along with stand the organizer provides lighting, carpet, name panels and walls. Dimensions of shell scheme stands vary from place to place and the according to the norms of the exhibition hall. So, an exhibitor needs to check out all the specifications carefully before the exhibition.

The stand looks a bit boring as compared to custom built stands, but for a new comer with low budget, this can be very cost effective way of exhibiting. For exhibitors with fixed budget and less time this can be a great deal through which they can establish good brand image. Creativity can be added on the stuffs provided on the stand such as – name panels, walls etc.

However, one major thing to keep in mind is the location of the stand in the hall. There are two options either to choose corner stand with 2-3 sides open, or centered stand located in the middle of two stands.

Below are a few advantages and disadvantages of Stall Scheme Stands.

Advantages of corner stands

  • More inviting and appealing than centered stands.
  • Lots of space for graphics on the walls
  • Attracts more traffic and have great visibility as compared to centered stands.        

Disadvantages of corner stands

  • Difficult for staff to co-ordinate due to more open sides.
  • Due to open sides full interior needs to be well organized as more visible.

    Advantages of centered stands

  • More space for graphics.
  • Easier for staff to co-ordinate.
  • Cost less as compared to corner stand.

    Disadvantages of centered stands

  • Visitors can easily skip your stand and pass away.
  • Becomes quite cluttered.
  • Graphic needs to be impact full and attention grabbing.

  Space Only

In space only exhibition scheme the organizers allot only floor space to the exhibitors and nothing else. There are no walls, lighting, carpets etc. Exhibitors need to arrange everything by their own. And it is quite expensive as compared to Shell Scheme but chances of infusing creativity and creating brand awareness are high. For exhibiting well exhibitors have to collaborate with an experienced Exhibition Stand Designing and Fabrication Company.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Space only exhibiting option.

Advantages of space only

  • Endless options of showing creativity.
  • Stand once crafted can be used again for other exhibitions.
  • More attractive and appealing to the attendees.
  • Opportunity to establish a unique brand in the market through unique exhibition stand.

Disadvantages of space only

  • Expensive as compared to Shell Scheme Stands.
  • Hanging of graphics and signage is more costly.
  • Storing the stand properly is quite challenging.
  • Transportation and fabrication charges are high.

After understanding the difference between Shell Scheme and Space Only exhibitors can easily choose which type of exhibiting option they need for their business. And can also select the Best Exhibition Stand Designing and Fabrication Company for displaying a unique exhibition stand.

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