Whether you are owning a well-established business or establishing a new business, social media is the key to uplift every type of brand. In today’s time, social media has become the most important tool for marketing. If you are working on enhancing your brand image and creating awareness, you cannot think of success without social media.

Every big or small businesses are publicizing their work on different online platforms, but some are rising rapidly while others are receiving minimum or no response. This is all because of the strategies, and caution that different businesses are following. Social media trends keep on changing, it is necessary to understand and follow the trends so that planning can be done accordingly to achieve fruitful results.

Before planning and posting on social media there are various dos and don’ts that every business needs to follow.

The Dos

  • Be the man of intellect before posting

Before posting anything on your personal social media account you need to think about how it will impact the people who follow you & your company. Cut yourself from posting contents that can put you in trouble, never be bias while writing on topics such as – religion, politics or gender issues. These topics might impact your relationships with customers, vendors, and others in the business community.

So use your intellect before posting on social media.

  • Develop a unique voice

Build a shining personality and positive image in front of your audience by posting unique content on your blogs and social media channels. Many people follow various blogs because they like the way the writers express their ideas. Share your unique insights and develop a conversational tone that engages the readers.

  • Be real

Show the real men behind your business. It will be easier for the audience to interact with your brand.

This can be done effectively by introducing your team members, showing behind the scene videos, sharing images of your achievements and glimpses of your staff doing their best, etc., on social media.


Posting real images and videos will not only engage the audience, but will also strengthen their trust for you.

  • Write for your readers

While writing focus on your reader’s choice. Write in such a way that the reads can easily understand the message that you are trying to communicate.

But remember one thing writing simply doesn’t mean to oversimplify the content or become dumb. It means to avoid wordy sentences and jargon.

  • Set realistic expectations

It is good that you are using social media for elevating your brand, but don’t forget that social media can never grow the sales alone.

Which means that you need to pay equal heed on other tools as well.

There is no doubt the social media can build your brand reputation, generate awareness and increase the visibility of your business. However, there are other areas of your company too, that impact your customers and revenue growth.

For example – the performance of your website, the quality of your products and services, your team member’s skills and your customer servicing techniques.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t engage with negative influencers online

Along with informative contents, there are endless negative stuff available on social media too. Keep yourself and brand away from haters and trolls.

Don’t waste your efforts, creativity, and time on these things and use it in doing something productive for your business.

  • Don’t try to be everywhere and do everything

Not every social media platform is beneficial for your business. By trying to maintain too many social media platforms you will be unable to stay focused on the platform that can give you the best results. Understand which social media channel suits your business, plan and run effective strategies for those platforms.

  • Proofread it properly before posting

Before posting content stay extra focused to avoid misspelling, repetition, grammatical errors, punctuation errors, etc. Carelessness while posting can put a negative impact on your brand on the customers.

Revise the content again and again before publishing, present error-free content in front of your audience and you will gain their trust.

By paying attention on the dos and don’ts for social media you can get best outcomes from the campaigns that you are running.

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