Dubai expo 2020, is an international platform where you can give your brand a unique identity to grow globally. Getting an opportunity to exhibit the brand on this huge arena is the heartiest wish of almost all the exhibitors. And, if you are lucky enough to represent your brand here, it is essential for you to have some basic knowledge about the country, its environment and the exhibition culture.

Here is a list of expert guidance that will help you to present your brand among the international audience without a single loop hole.

  • Know the Country More:  Give some time in knowing the culture, sensitivity and local laws of the country this will help you in understanding the country more so that you can exhibit well. The working week in Dubai starts on Sunday and ends on Thursday meaning the communicative working week is of 4 days. In Dubai, about 85% of population is expatriate therefore, dealing different nationalities and languages will become your frequent task.


  • Make Advance Plan to Avoid Extra Costing: When you are planning to exhibit in Dubai keep in mind that its peak season starts in summer. The calendar of Dubai is heavily centralized around this season because of daily heat of summer that reaches around 45 degrees. The season in Dubai begins in September and ends in the month of May, subject to Ramadan.So, all the events and trade shows take place during these month. After planning to exhibit make sure to book your contractor on time because contractor will have to serve many other clients during the busy schedule.


  • Choose the Best Contracting Partner: Select your contracting partner wisely because they will play the major role in opening your door towards success. Set a standard and choose your partner according to your expected standard. Learn about contractor’s company as much as possible, understand it in every terms from the material they use to the quality of the product and their delivery status. Check the company in all sphere look at their website, social media pages, and client testimonials. Trust the contractor’s credentials and memberships to international trade associations such as ESSA (Event Supplier and Services Association) and ILEA (International Live Events Association). Finally, fix a face to face meeting with the local contractor of Dubai and convince them to arrange your visit in their company’s workshop or factory so, that you can understand their working well. 


  • Collaborate with 360-Degree Solutions Provider: Walking on the path of success with a trustworthy partner is as important as aiming for reaching the destination, successfully. Find a trusted and experienced partner who can prepare for your event well. A good contractor will do every possible thing to make your exhibition perfect. Finding professional contractor with good client records, project management and transparent communication will provide a better and hassle-free experience of your abroad exhibition tour.

Before planning for success, it is crucial to plan for the steps taken in the journey of success. Dubai Expo 2020 is a golden opportunity for every exhibitor who is going to participate in this grand event. These tips are going to be very helpful if followed during the phase of Dubai Expo 2020.

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