Website Designing Tips: Fast Loading Sites

This should come as no big surprise. Today no one wants to crawl: even a baby wants to rise and walk quickly. This is the impatient peoples’ world and Google is no different.

Google has, time and again made known its displeasure on slow loading websites. When other conditions being equal, Google gives some advantage points to fast loading websites. Its better not to ignore this criteria, especially for SEO.

HTML Vs WordPress: The Battle is ON

Many prefer the former whereas the latest trend is more inclined towards the latter. Though WordPress is a big resource hogger, it has many options countering its needs. The HTML sites, though lighter in the long run, many people still struggle to keep it that way. 

Many hosting companies do not allow or recommend WordPress sites. So it is better to confirm beforehand on their competitiveness instead of just installing and later complaining of poor support. Also remember that hosting companies normally are as noob as site designers and are not aware of many switches that could be put to on, relieving the designers on many site aspects.

Responsive Site Design Commands Respect

With Internet gaining popularity, people load it in every possible gadget. Candybar mobiles, smartphones, mini tablets, tablets, netbooks, notebooks, laptops and desktops … the list is endless and each with its unique screen size. The site design should be such that it quickly adapts to the device screen it is opened on.

Many erstwhile websites though look great on a desktop, they fail miserably when opened on any miniscule screens. This makes the visitor wary of visiting that site again and due to this slip, one tends to lose many such casual visitors.

Caching Helps Returning Visitors

Caching means saving some part in memory, only to be served to returning visitor. Caching is done at two levels: one in browser and the other on the server. Caching ensures the returning visitor gets the site loading quickly, a kind of reward for no extra effort. 

Every part of a website is cached differently and generally one single script handles all the variables. Whether using HTML or WordPress, each have their specialized scripts doing the needful. It makes good sense to use them for maximum benefit.

After all who doesn’t want customers returning frequently?

Choice of Hosting is of Prime Consideration

Many options are available from almost negligible to exhorbitant hosting plans. It would be wise to try out a certain host before going in for full-fledged hosting. 

If just starting out, you may not need full-blown hosting and even a shared one can fit the bill. But as soon as visitors rise, hosting for your sites should be upgraded as well. Else it could be summed up in one simple statement.

Penny Wise Pound Foolish! 

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