Web Design and Development first timers- 3

Keeping abreast of all latest development is prudent for being in the limelight, at least in the web sphere. Google, from time to time, keeps informing of the latest developments and recommending ways and means to adhere to them. This article discusses one of those developments, one should know.

The Lazy Load System

Any website is called a dud if it is bereft of images. Many agree that images make or break any website. But an excess in everything is a big no no. It is best to balance images and to thoughtfully segregate them from left to right and top to bottom. Though the horizontal position may not alter website loading speed much, the lower pictures do matter. To understand this, open any website and observe the screen that opens.

You may not see the whole page at once, but in theory, every single bit, every single picture and every single animation on the homepage is loaded. This means, whether you need it or not, it is loaded and for no benefit, it consumes time, which is wasted.

To circumvent this, a new technology is carved out, which is called the Lazy Load System. It takes care of loading objects only when the visitor reaches out. This helps twinfold:

  1. Obviates the need for loading all at once, and
  2. Balances the website loading speed and gaining Google’s brownie points

It may be a small script, but works wonders for websites loaded with images. Try it out and feel the difference, and allow the world to take notice.

The Above the Fold System

Google recommends utilizing the space above the fold on each and every website. This means, there be some image and maximum text, which loads quickly, looks attractive and hooks the visitor to your page and forced to browse the whole site. Assume this as to be your show-window or showcase, where you put attractive objects all over. The visitor then spends some time mulling what to do next and if needed, enters inside. The same analogy applies to every website and this above the fold concept should be accepted by one and all.

Precise and Concise Texting

No one likes reading full pages of text at every footfall. It is best to keep the paragraphs short and sweet and maximize the utility of above the fold section. If need be, you can use bullet points along with some sharp and attractive pictures thrown in. Let the idea be apparent to the visitor what he should expect to see in the inside. Arouse his curiosity so he looks around and clicks a few links, may be, to fetch the website owner some money.

Google pays smartly for all the clicks.

After all, most websites exist to get you into clicking mode.

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