Guide your client to set up there exhibition stand in Dubai

There is no doubt that Dubai is a land of massive opportunity having a very high level of competition and people living in a higher income group. For making an entry into middle-east market and further Europe, trade and expos are quite an innovative approach that brings quite an impressive return for investing into exhibition stand building in Europe.

As an exhibition stand builders in Dubai you can assist your client by offering many a number of additional service for popularizing their stall by increasing footfall and business leads. Being rich in your experience of having participating many a number of exhibition and expos you can share your ideas and learning with your client. Below is the list of some activities that you can along with exhibition contractor in Dubai can assist your client to take participation into.


  • Press release is an important part of entire branding exercise and promotion that you begin pitching your client’s exhibition stand. The press release including two or three paragraph about services and expos can be distributed among and in local community, newspaper and websites. However, press release sending activity can be done twice. Once, a month advance before expo and second about a week before the exposition. A press pack there should also be inclusive of background information, images, and news and contact details.
  • As an exhibition stand design companies in Dubai, you can develop exhibition stand Dubai Flyers and posters as a part of branding activities to let people learn about your participation in expo.  Flyers and posters are just merely not information media but as well share contact details and floor plan to the client.
  • Next you can send personal invitations to the prospective in hard copy format for trade show registration telling them about benefits of participating and visiting your client’s stall.
  • The next important task that you can do to about sharing information about the expos and stall location by stating it on your website as well. Even a proper landing page stating clearly about the expo details and stall location could there be achieved and accomplished.
  • Creating an attractive e-mail campaigning is another innovate way to promote stand in an exhibition. The prospects participating into expo could easily be recognized by collecting data from websites and other places of interest online. Or the exhibition can be promoted by stating stall location in signature with every sent e-mail.

In the end not to forget about the most happening trend of the time social media and blogging as an exhibition stand contractors in Dubai to promote exhibition and stall out there.  


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