When global warming is a serious threat and every sector of Industry is making its best efforts adopting to the eco-friendly practices for the conservation of energy, then exhibition industry and the major venues related to it could be remain aloof from this conservation effort. For exhibition stand contractors, Dubai is a global venue for stall trade shows and expos.  

Like other venues that are trying their best to fabricate their stands according to the green initiatives and similar norms stand builders in Dubai too are making their best efforts to design exhibition stand according to the forest conservation methods and technologies. Taking the green exhibition building tactics into the green initiative is right decision for stall exhibitors as well as they come in limelight for their eco-friendly initiatives and hugely appreciated not only by their peers but consumers as well. If you are planning to go green at the next exhibition you are participating in, then here are some ways you can adapt to eco-friendly ways for your show.

•    The effective way for exhibition stand contractors Dubai to go green is switching to the LED lights that is one of the most easiest and cost effective way for the conservation of energy and saving electricity. The Led Light are good alternative to incandescent, halogen and compact fluorescent alternatives to LED lights. LED lights probably uses around 80% lesser energy. Led lights becomes a part of the exhibition stand and at the same time reduces overall carbon dioxide emissions. This way advertisers and exhibitors can easily improve on their carbon footprint.

•    The easiest way that exhibition stand builders in Dubai are adopting to are changing between the custom and modular stalls. Custom exhibition stands integrate a lot of woodwork, polishing, painting that is hazardous for the environment. That is the reason that a good number of professionals stand designers are moving towards the Modular booths. As modular booths are pre-engineered systems developed from aluminum and other sustainable materials. Modular booths due to their being used for multiple time usage are very much effective for green environment as well as cost effectiveness.

•    As exhibition is vast affair and people travel to Dubai from different shores for building stalls in Dubai. For participating in the exhibition company executives, project managers and even visitors travel from distant places to Dubai. Communing, hence, not only a heavy expense but a major reason for pollution too. Exhibition Stand Contractor in Dubai, therefore, provide distant digital based services that saves advertiser from frequent travelling instead and they only need to come at the exhibition stall at the final stages of its preparation.


•    Another noble way to get accommodated with energy saving spree as an exhibition stand builders in Dubai is turning towards the digital brochures. After the completion of an exhibition, enormous heap of garbage get accumulated and collected per year at the exhibition site. Therefore, a trend of limited use of paper is in force at around exhibition stand and places.  At present when every person has access to mobile phone with internet access, it is a wiser decision e-mail digital brochures and marketing literature to the prospective clients. You can later on use the same e-mail address to communicate with your target audience, directly.

So, it is clear that as an exhibition stand builder in Dubai, you are required to follow above mentioned steps in order to become an eco-friendly exhibition stall designer.



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