How to get lead Generating Exhibition design

AMTEX popularly known as Asian Machine Tools Exhibition, a mega event held annually offers an opportunity to entrepreneurs involved in manufacturing, supplying and distributing machine tools to industries and consumers at large. Started since 2001, with its every successive edition AMTEX 2018 has reached at a stage where more than 450 exhibitors are participating into it.

In the massive success of Amtex, the role of exhibition stall designers is of a paramount importance as it is the creative and concept based stalls made by them  just not only attract footfalls towards a stall but at the same time generate valuable business lead, instantly.  There are many exhibition stall designers in Delhi that have excellent expertise in making brand sensitive exhibition stall that are good at looks and at the same time offer excellent environment for generating business leads.

ColourSuare, a leading exhibition stall fabricator in Delhi design and fabricate exclusive exhibition stall to offer its clientele the maximum potential of the machine tool market in Northern India. According to certain surveys, 60 % of orders placed at exhibition don’t require any personal follow up visit.
The focus of an exhibition stall designer should be on designing a layout that should have an engaging conversations scope and capacity to develop customer relationships. Reception area is an important section of your stall, where, a visitor for the first time get into interaction with designs of the stall. The space at the reception should be big enough and be coordinated by staff so that visitors may not have to wait in long queue.

The next important section of the stall where a stall designer must focus to the optimum level is the meeting spaces in the stall. These are the spaces most important for the walk up enquiries. Depending upon a booth’s size this area could be decorated from booth size to product or service you are selling.    
Demonstration area is an important section in the stall where all the products are kept in a display rack and different style and is the most inclined area for generating   valuable business leads and business queries.

It is an opportunity to show case how a product works, or show the visitors different case studies impacting and making an impression over a stall. An experienced stall designer makes the stall space so elegant and aesthetically refined so that a visitor can’t remain away from raising a query.Hence as attractive your stall is made by your exhibition stall designer as much propensity it has to gather impressive lead business leads and queries from the expos.


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