From more than a decade email marketing has remained one of the most effective ways to convert prospects as well as existing customers into trusted and genuine buyers.

Some companies think that e-mail marketing is the outdated form of digital marketing channel and people don’t even open their inbox to check out the message. But this is not true, email still is a revenue-driven machine. Businesses that don’t pay much attention to email marketing remains behind their competitors.

To get maximum results through Email marketing it is necessary to give more time while preparing the email list. When you give more time in building the email list you get an ability to reach your customer anytime, your prospects and customers are just a few inches away from their mobile phones. A single effective message can influence them to become trustworthy customers.

Email marketing also gives lots of data that can be used to evaluate performance and make corrections and improvements, such as – open rates, click-through rates, spam complaints, unsubscribe rates, etc.

Here are some effective ways to improve email marketing performance and take optimum advantage of one of the most effective forms of online marketing.

•    Try to know your customer better

Sending blind sales pitches are no longer effective in today’s time. People don’t even take the pain of opening or checking promotional emails. There are a variety of methods that can be used to learn more about your customers, such as – GetResponse tool that allows you to monitor how customers are interacting with your emails.

By noticing the behaviors such as email opens, clicks and unsubscribes, you can get to know your customers better.

•    You are not personalizing the emails

People get endless promotional messages every day and delete them without opening it. If in case, you are lucky enough that your mail gets opened the chances are high that they may get deleted even before scrolling down unless your emails grab the reader’s attention.

Personalizing begin with simply adding the recipient’s first name after ‘Hi’, for instance – Hi! Raj, this will at least engage your audience to start reading your offer.

•    Add emojis in your subject lines

Emojis are trending everywhere, it helps a lot in attracting your reader’s attention. They are the funniest way of communicating the message. Reader’s inbox is already flooded with so many promotional messages, your email can also join the flood. To stand out from the rush using emojis in the subject line can be the best idea, it often pulls a much higher open rate when split-tested against an identical subject line.

•    Lack of catchy content

Along with subject lines, the body of the email should also be framed in a presentable way so that the recipients instantly get attracted to it. Avoid using lengthy sentences and heavy jargon. Write simple words and short sentences as they are easy to read and understand.

After all, you are sending the mail to let people know about what you are offering them.

•    Have one call-to-action on each email

No one is going to read your lengthy email till the end to know what message you are trying to convey. Your readers don’t have enough time to read the whole message and if they don’t know what you are trying to say within a few seconds of opening the mail they will surely delete it.

So, it is necessary to add a call-to-action button in the mail to avoid minimal results.

The tips mentioned above prove the ‘Old is Gold’ and breaks the stereotype thinking that email marketing is dying. Emails are still holding the same importance as it did decades ago. So, for getting the best sales results and leads through emails all you need to do is just bring some changes in the way of sending emails to your recipients.

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