After the changes that Facebook introduced in its new feed section, social media marketers need to upgrade their advertising strategy a step ahead. One of the important metrics that social media marketers track on Facebook is conversion rates.

Conversion means a point at which a user converts from a browser to a buyer. For markets of today’s era, conversions are the most important priority. Good conversion rate is one of the best ways of measuring success and plays a crucial role in delivering a strong ROI. Conversions are not only about increase purchase, but it’s also about driving action. The main role of a campaign is to increase newsletter subscriptions or for shoppers to add products to a wish list. And all of these actions can be considered conversions.

Getting the maximum conversion through the Facebook campaign can elevate business on a vast level on social media platforms.

Here are some tips to maximize Facebook ad conversion rates.

  • Create a separate ad for each goal

After you are expecting conversion from your ads you need to make it clear that what action you want people to take after seeing your advertisement.

There are various types of conversions supported by Facebook such as – view content, add to wishlist, initiate checkout, and purchase. It is not possible to expect every type of conversion goal from a single ad. You need to create different ads for different conversion goals.


  • Keep destination of the ad in mind

Always remember that every ad ends on a landing page so it should be appealing. It should already be determined that where you want the conversion to happen and make sure everything on your page is one proper place to make people easy to perform CTA.

Below are a few simple steps that will help you to create a better landing page.

  • Implement Facebook Pixel – You need to implement Facebook pixel code once you are done with identifying the page where you want the conversion event to happen. This Facebook pixel code will help you in tracking the conversion.
  • Keep Continuity – If your ad offers something or promises something, don’t forget to put it on your landing page. Always remember that your whole mission behind this is that you want the user to perform some CTA for conversion and this there should be continuity in everything you are conveying to them. Lack of flow demolishes the trust of your audience. Keep the focus on language and design as well.
  • Optimize for app

A huge number of people are ready to buy products online through mobile phone apps and it quite possible that you too want people to buy from you. If in case yes, make sure that you register your app and integrate it with Facebook Software Development Kit (SDK).


  • Create attractive visuals

Nobody knows what will attract users. Hundreds of websites try day in a day out at grabbing the attention of the audience. In such a case, it is necessary to design something unique so that more and more traffic can come to your landing page and perform CTA.

Visuals can spread the message more clearly if amalgamated with proper texts. So always try to keep attention-grabbing quality in your graphics.

Here are a few which will help you to attract maximum customers.

  • Try not to pour lots of text in the image. Let your image speak more boldly than your words.
  • Never upload low-resolution image for spreading your message, low-quality image reflect poorly on your brand.
  • People get more attracted to GIFs and Videos. So opt for movements than static images.
  • Keep copy short and simple

Simple ideas attract more than complex one so try to keep your copy simple. Avoid making it full of jargon and too much wordy.

Keep it in mind that you are creating a copy to attract the audience from different segments so frame it for all.

  • Put direct call-to-action

The main aim of your ad is to get maximum call-to-action possible. For creating strong call-to-action use attention-grabbing verbs like – start, discover, find, and explore. These verbs can work well if your conversion goal is to have users visit a product page or learn about your company.

If your goal is to let users purchase or subscribe, be direct with phrases like “buy now” or “sign up.”


The above mention tips are going to give a huge uplift in your business if implemented properly while advertising on this universal digital platform Facebook.

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