Competitor’s content analysis is very crucial for the brand aiming to develop their own content marketing strategy. Finding out which type of content is working for the competitors and this will give an insight into what type of content the audience is liking or might also respond to. This will also be helpful in understanding the needs and demands within the niche.

There are many tools that markets use to understand content analytics, and monitor competitor’s content strategies, but here are some creative ways to understand the strategy deeply.

  • Sign up to receive email updates

Email is the most effective channel for generating revenue. Monitoring the emails that competitors are sending to their customers and prospects will give you an idea of the market taste. For analyzing competitor’s emails sign in or subscribe to their websites with your personal email id or the id the does not contain your company’s name.

Signing up to the competitor’s email list will help in learning more about business news, ongoing and upcoming campaigns, company’s culture, types of content, regularly published contents, and how the competitors address the target audience.

  • Analyze video content

A recent study shows that by the end of this year maximum consumer internet traffic will be video. The majority of brands are including videos as an integral part of their marketing strategy, look weather the competitors are using videos or not, and look for the interaction such as share, comment, and views.

The brand should also subscribe to the YouTube channel of the competitors in order to get the notification of their latest video.

  • Monitor social media channels

Every business is active on social media and maintaining their pages on different social media platforms. This gives an opportunity to keep track of what the competitors are doing online.

Keep an eye on what they are posting, which type content they are focusing, images they are using, and understand the effectiveness of their social media strategies. If a particular type of post by your competitor is gaining more engagement you also need to do something similar to like that.

  • Review top-performing content

Brands can also understand about their competitor’s content strategies by looking at their best content.

Social media share is the best and easiest way to measure the popularity of the contents.

Reviewing competitor’s most popular content on social media will give the insight to understand what attracts the audience that can help you in developing new ideas and strategies.

  • Hit the best keywords to target

Choosing the right keywords for your content will not only increase your page traffic, but it will give a chance to your company’s website to appear in relevant search results.

Finding relevant keyword with high reach and having less competition rate will help in targeting the appropriate audience through every piece of content.

Following the above-mentioned ideas and choosing the best content marketing agency will boost the business reach on digital platforms.

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