Trade shows are big events that need to be handled with care. It is a costly affair special when you have to design a new exhibition stand for every show. Reusing the existing booth instead of designing and fabricating the new one can save a lot of money. If you are planning to exhibit in a trade show soon, with a limited budget, reusing your old exhibition stand by adding newness to it can be helpful in many ways. Ask your exhibition stand builder to renovate your old exhibition stand and adds newness to it.

Some fantastic tips are mentioned to re-use your existing exhibition stand in the upcoming trade show.

Change the graphic design to change the appearance of your stand

Using the same graphics designs on your stand, again and again, will make it dull and unimpressive. Give your stand a new look by adding interesting and innovative designs to your new graphics. You can add a new marketing message and showcase your stand with a refreshing look.

Reprint & Replace fabric of the graphic

If you are not looking for re-designing the existing graphics, no need to get bothered we have a solution for this too. You can simply print your logo and graphics by this you can add newness to your stand design. This is another cost-effective way to change the feel of the stand.

Add new furniture for a perfect look

A good sitting space with a relaxing ambiance allows visitors to come and interact with your team members. If your display is in good condition and re-designing is not required then at least use the latest furniture because this will add a fresh look to your stand. Use upgraded and trendy furniture in your booth to match your company’s stand and value.

Use innovative and creative items in the viewing area of your stand

Adding innovative items such as big-screen monitor on the walls of the stand attracts attendees and allow them to visit your stand. If you don’t have any screen in your stand, then put a television screen or large monitors to update your presentation. Tell the exhibition booth builders to add a large screen on your booth.

Upgrade your stand flooring

There are a variety of upgrade options available to add freshness on the stand flooring as well. You can choose the best material such as artificial turf, wood flooring, carpet, etc. to give your stand an organized look.

Changing the look of your old exhibition stand in a cost-effective will not only enhance the appearance of your booth but will also maximize your resources and impress your visitors too. Only a few transformations in your stand can add make it appealing and eye-catchy in a budget-friendly way.

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