Dubai, a mega exhibition center of the world is known for organizing a great number of exhibition and events in the city where exhibition stand contractors in Dubai make the best effort to present the stand with maximum designing patterns with brand preference and attract the maximum footfall and lead generation.    

However, apart from so much glow and glitz at the exhibition an important aspect which exhibition companies in Dubai ignore is their concern for safety and security at the stall. A disrupted exhibition stand hence leads to negative publicity. Their happen to ample emphasis upon the safety at the exhibition and expo now by the exhibition stand companies in Dubai.

It is merely not duty of the exhibitors but exhibition stand contractors should also take care that every person presented at the expo must be safer. When a good crowd gathers at an expo, the following steps are needed to make it safe and secure for everyone. Below is the list of activities to make it a safer exhibition event at the Dubai.

  • Selecting a Right Venue for the Exhibition: Overall selection of the right venue is first step towards the safety and security at the exhibition stand and expos. Whenever, selecting the venue for the expo check the facility around there with your own eyes. As an exhibition stand builder one must check out   from the competent authorities that there are enough emergency exit at the expos. What are the arrangement for the access point as well as medicos at the expo spot in addition to emergency parking at the exhibition for emergency parking spot as a fire truck and police vehicles.   


  • Have a Basic Idea about the Audience at the Exhibition Spot: The gentry to be present at the expo should be well assessed by exhibition companies in Dubai. People arriving late or even leaving early or having the plan to be remain at the exhibition all the time. There occur fluctuations in number of people attending the exhibition. There should be crowd management at the expo to prepare for unprecedented situations like blocked access ramps, the shutdown of elevator and any other such vulnerable situation
  • Backup Plan is Most Important: There must be an error free backup plan for exhibition for the worst case scenario. Every step of contingency plan must be well researched and planned in advance and be rehearsed for multiple times by the exhibition stand builder in Dubai. The venue staff must be well trained and equipped to handle these type of services and activities.
  • What is the Exit plan: An exhibition stand contractor in Dubai should always be prepared with an immediate exit plan in case of any cased of eventuality and risk.  The person in charge of planning the event should be informed about all contingency plan out there.
  • Staff and Guest ID Checking: There must be a mechanism or criteria to check out the employees or guest ID. Every person that enters the venue must be thoroughly checked out for their identity. All the persons issued with ID cards must have them visible tag.  Even can seek assistance from the security personnel in order to showcase verification.          

This way the entire things at the exhibition expos should be coordinated for the safety and security of persons visiting the venue.

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