Latest technologies for exhibition stall designing

The exhibition Stall Designing industry in the financial capital of the country has brought new ways to make the exhibition stall more interactive and personalized by introducing new technologies out there. The exhibition stand contractors in Mumbai have started using these technologies with respect to bringing better footfall and engagement at exhibition stands for the brand-centric approach. The new technologies at the exhibition stall merely not only serve the purpose of branding but at the same time also offer new opportunities for marketers and trade show attendees to become more tech aware and capable of developing interaction, online.

Below are mentioned some of the technologies that are extensively used technology addition to exhibition stall designing.

  • Interactive Screens: Advertising in the stall for branding purposes have moved a step ahead with interactive walls, floors, and screens to engage with visitors by allowing them to connect with a brand in a digital manner.  With interactive screens, the vital information about the stalls could be represented by the means of eye-catching graphics, images, or video and engage with a number of customers, simultaneously. Visitors even can use time-scripted event information using tweets and live feeds using a hashtag.  
  • Augmented Reality: The latest topic vague with respect to the usage of technology in exhibition stands designing is the usage of augmented reality by the means of computer-generated graphics in the real world.  Aspects of augmented reality like scanning the real world and adding it with virtual information.  Augmented reality technology is easy to access through applications developed for mobile devices. A smart way to use augmented reality is by scanning a company’s logo and watching it on smartphone and tablet devices. 
  • QR Codes: It is another intensive technology used for connecting to a website through fast and reliable links, online material, and different mobile apps. QR codes are immediately impersonalized and saved on the mobile device’s memory meaning the user can return to your information after the event. QR codes can even be put upon the displays, offering, a prompt way to encourage interaction and highlighting the app to both new and old customers.    
  • Triggered Technologies: Finally, the triggered technologies can completely change the entire look of the exhibition stalls in Mumbai with the expensive usage of light, sound, videos, and special effectsThey are too collaborative and attention grabber in exhibition stall design in Mumbai.     

This way to stall design for exhibitions emerges as a leading medium for mass interaction and branding for branding and business generation.


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