Trade show trends keep on emerging adding new features and technologies into show booth to bring innovation and attract the maximum audience. By reaching, 2019, humans have developed artificial intelligence and hi-tech technologies smart enough to interact and pay reaction to human response.

 “It is said that you are paid for all your positive efforts”, and the saying is so true because the transformation in the exhibition sector is providing fruitful results to the exhibitors.

There are some hi-tech and innovative exhibition ideas that are trending this year in the trade show market.

  • Customer Centric Designs: The major focus of any business is their customers, your exhibition stand should be customer-centric after all you are exhibiting for them. Every nook and corners of your stand should be designed by taking ample care of visitors need. Audience friendly booth can convey your marketing message to them effectively and easily. Customers love to notice that you have done arrangements in their favour. Uncommon and exclusive design will increase footfalls on your stand. The more your booth will be visitors friendly more you can ask your exhibition stand designer to make it at the customer-friendly so that more customers will visit your stall and spend time in knowing more about your business.


  • Put Major Focus on Client’s Audience: In recent years there has been a lot of emphasis on attention-grabbing and flashy designs. Booth designs are still eye-catchy, but nowadays, exhibitors put major focus in providing comfort and relaxing experience to their customers.  Trade shows are busy and exhausting, in such a situation people love to see that someone is taking care of their basic needs through such a busy schedule. Greeting them well and offering them basic amenities such as snacks, relaxing sofa, water cooler and most important charging point can help you to connect with your visitors well. These simple comforts will evoke a positive emotional response.


  • Use Proper Lightning: Lights can be an effective way to attract visitors to your exhibition booth. Proper lighting will derive your brand message, clearly. For exhibition stall designers there are numerous ways to enhance your booth beauty by using lighting.  It is an essential element of the exhibition booth, but it doesn’t mean that make your booth light show. Put lights to highlight your products and services so that it can be clearly visible to the visitors. Well illuminated booth will make your stand look unique and attractive.


  • Artificial Intelligence and Latest Technologies: In every business sphere, AI and Latest Technologies are becoming popular, people are getting more inclined towards these upgraded technologies. Exhibition and trade show industries are also infusing virtual and augmented realities, holographic walls, 360-degree videos, etc. to maximize footfalls on their exhibition booths. These advanced tech options can provide wonderful engaging experience that can help your marketing message to convey properly. But it is important to be careful while using these technologies in your stand. It should be added to introduce newness that can make sense within the content of your booth.


  • Multi-Sensory Experience: In the end, exhibition stall designers Delhi can use things that please all our senses are like by all, but while exhibiting in a trade show sometimes we forget this point. Exhibitors majorly focus on touch, sight and sound, and forgets the smell. Grabbing customer’s traffic with touch and taste is a bit difficult task, but the smell can definitely attract the visitors. Pleasing smell creates an emotional connection, which means scent marketing has potential in the trade show environment. Choosing right scent – fresh, hot, sweet, coffee, etc. could make you the winner of the show.

Upgrading business with latest market trend is the best way to step ahead towards development and success in your industry. Growing with industrial trends can make your brand lead the market.

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