Germany, no doubt, is being known to be the most popular exhibition destination of the world organizing more than 4,000 trade expos annually across different cities of the country. A conventional place organizing expos and exhibition, Germany, is now coming in terms with modern technology to make exhibition activities out there more happening and buzzing.

Exhibition stand builders in Germany are, therefore, applying interactive stand design practices to make the expos stand out and worth remembering. An interactive stand design brings life to the show and instantly catches attention of the onlookers and visitors. There are many ways exhibition booth fabricators are delving their art of stand making in German Expos.                  

•    Using Some Gaming App in the Stand: As in expos and trade shows there happen to be numerous exhibition stand and stalls and a visitor tries to visit as many as possible stands. However, to keep a stand live in a visitor’s memory stand makers now-a-days are employing different types of gaming apps with a rewarding system for the winner. Making their designated stand unforgettable a stand maker thus ensures the possibility of recalling from the prospect.

•    Installation of Touch Screen Surveys at the Stand: Another innovative exhibition stand activity in practice at exhibition stands in Germany is employing Touch Screen survey and contact are win-win tip. This LCD survey will add to operational efficiency of the company while bringing valuable feedback and e-mail address for the future business communication. Even, a brand’s reputation among its customer and prospects get better reputed beings as smart and progressive. Moreover, LCD, even can be used for multipurpose for advertising support and interactive kiosk prompting people to take an action.

•    Interactive Product Support: Another innovative approach adopted by exhibition stand fabricators in Germany is displaying their client’s product in a rather interactive method and manner. The purpose of their product display is merely not showcasing the items, but, at the same time allowing them to physically inspect the products. For client’s new product list at the time they develop a demo area within the stand while encouraging the people to try them.         

•    Organizing the Live Workshop: Other more interactive activity conducted by the exhibition stand builder in Germany is organizing interactive workshops having multimedia whiteboard driving the displaying content from the cloud for a future download. As there will not unnecessary paper and visitors life will be saved from carrying tons of paper along them.

•    Virtual and Augmented Reality: The new wave of excitement that have brought to the exhibition stands in Germany is by introducing virtual and augmented reality displays. The most latest and advanced tools in the field of exhibition stand designing are being used employed and used over there.

•    PhotoBooth: There is nothing wrong in putting a selfie spot at your exhibition center so that people could come to your stand. There with snapped pics you could organize a contest for the visitors at your stand.
And, you absolutely don’t need to worry about who would do this for you. There are a good number of exhibition stand builders in Germany to accomplish the task for you.  




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