The exhibition ground is a crowded place where numerous brands participate to showcase the uniqueness of their business to the target audience. The primary aim of presenting the brand’s stall in the exhibition stall is to earn customers and valuable business. Presenting the brand at the trade fair or expo needs a lot of planning, manpower, effort, time, and discussion. The key point that you need to discuss is the type of modular exhibition stall you want to use.

Among all the other types of exhibition stands, the modular exhibition stand is gaining huge popularity due to some of its key benefits such as – eco-friendliness, time-saving, cost-effectiveness, etc.

If you are planning to exhibition stall in Mumbai go for a modular exhibition stall this time because of its pocket-friendliness and time-saving characteristics.

Here are a few points that show, Why do use a modular exhibition stall for your next exhibition in Mumbai? For that, you can get into contact with exhibition stall designers in Mumbai.

Points to Understand

•    Cost Effectiveness: Modular exhibition stand is a one-time investment and cost-effective as compared to custom build exhibition stands. For new and medium-sized businesses modular stand is the best option. The exhibitor has to invest for a single time. And earn good ROI by reusing the same stall with different graphics in different exhibitions.

•    Eco-Friendliness:  Custom build stands are made up of wood and painted thus are harmful to nature. Whereas modular stands build up on aluminum, metals, etc., that do not harm nature.

•    Reusable: One of the most important benefits of a modular exhibition stand is that it comes with nuts, screws, metal rods, etc., that are re-attachable and reusable. It could also assemble in different sizes according to space and need. Exhibitors can use the same stand in the different exhibitions by just changing the graphics and designs. You can change the stall and seek help from exhibition stall fabricators in Mumbai.

    Easy to Store and Transport: Modular exhibition stands build for convenience. It could easily dismantle and kept in travel boxes. Transporting the modular stand is also very convenient and needs less manpower to uplift and transport the boxes.   

•    Lesser Time and Team Members Required: For fabricating and installing modular exhibition stands less manpower is required. It is not necessary to hire a crew of professional exhibition stall fabricators. Your team members can easily frame the stall by following the instructions.
It needs less time in the fabrication as well. All you need to do is just twist, lock and connect the correct parts with each other.

•    Light Weighted: As compared to the custom build exhibition stand, modular stand are light weighted and becomes compact when carried.


For planning to exhibit your brand’s stall in the next exhibition in Mumbai. Choosing a modular exhibition stand can be worth it. The looks of a modular stand will be as same as custom build stands. But along with the looks you can enjoy many other benefits. Benefits are such as cost-effectiveness, easy storing, easy transporting, and reusing, etc.

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