Designing Creative Company Profile and Company Brochures


Designing a creative Company Profile or Company Brochure often makes it a better choice than canvassing. Interested people appreciate some physical booklet in hand they can touch and feel. To them, its better to browse through and then ask their questions.

Graphic designers always keep in mind the type of client before designing the profile layout. Though most jobs are corporate type, their line of business can point towards the approach. Only on-the-job experience can help the designer.

Tips to Identify the Designing Approach

Companies engaged in heavy industry like Iron, Steel and similar sectors need a no-fluff, serious approach. Whereas line of businesses including Effluent Treatment and anti-pollution need a not so rigid design.

Food industries need colourful and vibrant designing. Same is suggested for the wood industry when your creativity can be challenged.

Today, the toys and entertainment industry has seen a lot of changes. The designs there need a combination of all that is said above. Because even entertainment can get serious and hence the demand The horticulture, gardening and equipments can be a free flowing designing job. Nature has all colours and hence there is no limitation there as far as designing is concerned.

Use of Colours in Company Profile

Almost similar tactics are employed here like the designing part. Normally a combination of thick and thin lines are used. Single colours are used for serious businesses and lighter ones for all the other. However, to lighten the mood, some sober motifs can be used.

It all depends on the designer's capabilities and the process they use to identify the business types. However, deviations are possible when in any of the below situations.

Jubilee Celbrations

Many companies are fond of celebrating their achievements. The situation could demand shedding the usual appearance and opt for something flashy. Here the designer can flex his arms and create something lifting their spirits.
Celebrationa also make use of flowers, that already appear in myriad colours. A bouquet when brought in, automatically seducing colours make their appearance. Suddenly we find the arrival of cyan, magenta or crimson colour dominating the entire design copy.

Upgradation needs different handling

Many startups venturing into serious category decide upping their businesses and upgrade from serious category of business to something light. Here the designer gets the opportunity to mix-and-match the old and present colours successfully.

Designing is a thought-provoking session. We can, depending on ground situations, can always lift up the morale of any company and manage to get the cash registers ringing!

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