Tension fabric or Fabric graphics are gaining huge popularity in the exhibition industry because of its unique and versatile quality such as- affordability, lightweight and highly customizable. These eye-catchy displays can be pocket-friendly and the best option to reflect a unique image of your trade show booth in the highly crowded exhibition ground.

No matter whether your stand is a small rental stand or a large customizable stand these fabric are going to be the best way to establish a positive impact of your booth. There are some reputed International Exhibition Stand Designers who fabricate best stands using fabric graphic.

Below are some reasons why you should use tension fabric for your next exhibition display.

  • Easy to install, transport, store and replace

One of the biggest advantages of tension fabric system is that it is very easy to handle. Its simplest way to put together and take down saves time as well as money. Tension fabrics are simply pressed onto the stand or modular frame, causing the fabric to tense when all four edges are inserted properly, creating a seamless, perfectly flat finish.

  • Multiple display option

The real beauty and uniqueness of tension fabric system is versatility. We have the option to create slim line, single-sided displays, scalable double-sided displays, and even three-dimensional structures.

  • Multiple application system

Fabric Graphics can be used in different ways, such as – on hung ceiling, freestanding displays, slimline wall-mounted frames, large format exhibition walls, counters, offices etc. the applications for the versatile product are endless.

  • Crease-free and seamless graphics

Another major benefit of this graphic is its ability to print on large achieve graphic displays that looks ultimately seamless. The only limit in using this product is the size of print bed used to produce them.

It is crease-free too when you apply the graphic on the modular display it removes the visible crease from the graphics and provides crease-free, flawless result.

Working with company providing Best Print Production Services at an affordable price point will add more stars to your stand.

  • Cost-effective transportation

Shipping and handling heaving material from the factory to the exhibition ground can cost more. Tension fabrics or fabric graphics are light weighted and can be easily transported.

  • Affordable

Fabric tension displays are highly cost effective, the only thing you need to do is to change the graphics. Fabric can be easily folded and transported, so no need to worry about the crease because this system is designed to eliminate the risk of cease or line caused while transportation and application. One more benefit of this product is that you don’t need to pay extra delivery and installation charges.

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