Participating in the exhibition starts with planning, implementing, budgeting and execution, but along with all these things you should not forget to manage the most important asset of your exhibition and that is your team. A successful exhibition or trade show can never be imagined without a strong team.

From gaining maximum ROI to achieving the highest footfalls on your stand and fulfilling all the other benchmarked exhibition goals you need a knowledgeable and skilled workforce. Proper briefing and training of the team is the most essential task that a manager needs to do from the beginning to avoid mistakes before or on the exhibition day.

Below are some tips that will help you in giving right briefing and training to your exhibition stand team.

  • Share you exhibiting ideas with them

In the hassle-bustle of the exhibition and it’s planning sometimes we skip the most essential task of briefing our team or do it at the end. Always involve your team at the earlier stage to elevate participation and business.

Make sure that your team knows about campaign ideas and themes in the beginning. Include your team in meeting, planning, and discussion related to the size, theme and creative work of your exhibition stand. Know their opinion as well, because no one knows where you can get the most creative idea.

  • Describe your goals and expectations

If you want your team to perform well and get maximum appointments, then tell them about the goals that you are expecting at the beginning of the exhibition.

Explaining your goals and expectations clearly to your staff will ensure that everyone is working accordingly.

While briefing you can communicate your ideas, express your overall objectives, stand requirements, behavior, dressing as well as sales, leads, target and other expectations from the exhibition show.

  • Tell them about your brand image

On the day of the exhibition notice the entire stand carefully and divide the tasks among your team, tell them how much ROI you are expecting, the number of appointments, and leads you are wishing from each individual.

Explain to them about the working of digital and physical tools available on your exhibition stand and tell them about the audiovisual display too.

Make sure that your team has sufficient knowledge about the products and every staff should be confident enough to showcase all the aspects of the stand to the attendees. So that your brand’s message can spread well to elevate your brand’s image.

  • Avoid over staffing

It is true that for getting the job done successfully you need a strong and great team but, strong team doesn’t mean to fill your stand with staff. Over staffing will scare the visitors.

Keep sufficient and well-trained staff on the booth so that they can handle the visitors properly.

The above-mentioned tips will not only help you in building a strong exhibition stand team but will also enhance your brand image and elevate ROI.

Keep these tips in mind before planning for the next exhibition or trade show to get the best result possible.  

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