Trade shows and exhibitions are big event for business persons that needs to be deal with caution. Expos provides endless growth opportunities to the exhibitors that should be grabbed wisely.

Every industry welcomes new exhibitors in exhibition sector daily. For the new comers it becomes much difficult task to represent their brand for the first time in front of the audience and competitors as compared to the existing old players.

Exhibitions are vast field where chances of exploration is high, here exhibitors can learn new add-ons for their business.

In exhibitions, businesses get ample opportunities to display their new innovation and uniqueness to the target audience.

Along with beneficial opportunities there are numerous rule and regulations that that must be followed by every exhibitor in India.

  • At the time of booth confirmation or booking: While booking the booth for an exhibition, exhibitor needs to contact the organizer and sign a contract with them after negotiation. The organizer sends PI (Performa Invoice) to the exhibitor, then advance payment is made on the basis of that PI and after all the legal documentations exhibitor’s name is added in the participants list. After getting the name registered the exhibitor contacts the best exhibition stall fabrication company to carry forward the task of designing, fabrication and installation.


  • Change of booth: Changes in booth dimension is done under an official process. The exhibitor have to send a mail to the organizer regarding the reason of changes and if any options are available as per the reasons and requirements of the exhibitor, then the organizer sends the floor plan to the exhibitor and the work is done accordingly.


  • Damage: At the time of fabrication if any damage occurs to the organizer’s property then the exhibitors needs to keep their stress on rest because the third party i.e., the fabricator have to bear all the losses related to the damage in the organizer’s property.


  • Size of the stall: The stand width and height may vary from exhibition to exhibition, the height of the stand starts from 2.5 meters to 4.5 meters and some shows allow to establish stand up to 5 meters, while the width of the stall depends upon the size of the exhibition ground and the norms provided by the organizer. Many exhibition organisers adapt the ‘set off’ rule – limiting the height of walls common with neighbour to x meters, then a 1 meter set off before you can raise the structure to the maximum allowed height. For stall’s height and size related issues don’t forget to read the Exhibition Manual carefully before designing the stand.


  • Hanging Points: In India, hanging the signage of your brand in the exhibition ground is not possible yet. So, never put hanging signs in the design for your exhibition project.


  • Cancellation: Being an exhibitor think twice before cancelling the exhibition participation, try not to cancel it until and unless the reason is not extremely serious because no one other than you is going to bear the losses from both organizer’s and fabricator’s side. If you have paid the advance money to them then dare not to think for cancellation.

The above mentioned rules and regulations are highly beneficial for the first time exhibitors. After knowing these points chances of mistakes are extremely low from exhibitor’s end. So, for make your first exhibition successful be extremely careful and pay heed to the mentioned points on every stage from conformation to installation. 

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