Time-saving tips: Exhibitions and trade shows are time-consuming events that need proper planning and execution. A single mistake can lead to a big loss, so one needs to be fully devoted and extra conscious while planning for an exhibition.

In the busy schedule, it becomes quite tough to give extra time to exhibition planning. In such a condition, the chances of risk increase.

To cope with this issue we have some really interesting time-saving tips and ideas for exhibitors to help them in achieving the best result from the show within a limited time frame.

Scan Badges

Writing down attendee’s information or collecting business cards has now become the old way of gathering leads. The trending technology for lead collection is scanning badges with lead retrieval technology. This not only saves time but also assembles the leads in a well-arranged manner. So you need not bother yourself in the future while working on the leads.


Planning for promotional deals that can work across multiple shows is a great way to save time as well as money, as you can use the promotional materials more than once.

Appropriate show selection

Do proper research on expos and trade fairs that you are going to participate in. Ensure that the event you are going to participate in is perfect for targeting the right audience. A great way to do this is to do a competitor’s analysis and look at which exhibition they are participating in and consider these in your selection.

This will save your time and efforts and you will get good data on upcoming events in your industry going to be held throughout the year.

Create buzz about the event and your participation

Social Media platforms are the best place to create buzz about the event days before it is going to occur. The visitors will start knowing your brand before the event and it will be easy for them to find your booth on the ground.

Proper lead management

Qualifying lead management is necessary to save time so that you can focus on follow-ups after the show. Remember to only send leads to your sales team that seem genuinely interested.

Make sure you get a badge scanner for lead collection, by using this you will get all the leads assembled in an Excel file. Doing this will save your time of re-typing and organizing all the leads after the show.

Staff training

Ensure that all the staff is trained properly before the exhibition. Everyone should have full knowledge of the event and their respective tasks. Tell your staff a few simple rules they need to follow while they are in the booth like – no eating, chewing gum, or mobile phones. Following this will help your staff to stay active and interact with the visitors well.

The above-mentioned time-saving tips are proven highly beneficial when followed properly by the exhibitors before and during the exhibition.

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