The worldwide pandemic taught everyone “move ahead & go digital”. Most of the businesses coped with the circumstances and went online.

Not because of Covid-19 but also to beat the competitors because almost every second company is Online nowadays.

And the remaining companies are yet to convert their offline businesses into online. However, every product, company, or brand requires the attention of the customers who really show interest in the brand. But to reach there, legit content that makes sense describes more about a brand is the necessity.

During these days, most companies are selling their products & services online and the time has totally changed. The starting has already begun where the demand for content marketing has been growing.

Why only these Content Marketing Types are in Trend?

An interesting question to ask, because there are a lot of other ways to promote your brand. Right?

The thing is, an audience sets the trend, your customers are the one who decides what should be in their social media feed.

And, going with the trends always gives you the hype in the industry. You will be promoting the product & brand as if the customer’s demand, the outcome will surprise you.

You might be working so hard and definitely spending lakhs on marketing & advertising but what’s the benefit of it? When nobody going to click or watch your content.

Know the types of Content Marketing which are going to bloom your business in 2021. It will lead you to success because these content marketing types are on a worldwide trend. And, you have to grab the opportunity with both hands.

1-Video (and live streams)

Without spending much on video production, recordings & editing the brands should be grateful towards Video Content Marketing. The companies don’t have to put many expenses & resources on their budget when the live streams are cost-free. When the live stream ends, it can be later downloaded like any other normal video. This allows sharing, altering & downloading by anyone who likes your demonstration.

Live stream permits brands to show straightforwardness and a human-centred methodology continuously while as yet contacting a huge crowd. The idea of live-streamed content is better to demonstrate the usage, benefits & uniqueness of their respective products.

2- UGC (user-generated content)

The Content is basically generated by the users and not by the brand specifically. Any content that contains Text, Image, Review & video which are created by the people rather than a company. And, the brand starts sharing that User Generated Content on the social media pages as well as on other marketing platforms. 

During this time, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat have become the primary platforms for sharing UGC. It’s a kind of gesture towards the customers or buyers who invest their time and money in their products & services. This is the finest way to promote their brands by reposting the image or review. It builds credibility in front of the audience.

3- Blog articles

Blogs are a diverse form of content marketing to inform, educate & explicate thousands of things. It also helps the brand in search optimization if it’s search-friendly.

By focusing the ranking keywords and links into the paragraphs helps the buyers & customers to find out the product/service which they are searching for. Also, it can show your website on the top results of search engines.

Many people do their research before investing their money in a particular product/service. So they start collecting the information and at that time blogs/articles enlighten their knowledge.

The blogs & articles can be informative, entertaining, case studies, surveys, about the products, strategies & so on. The motive is to create valuable content for readers.

4- Podcasts

Podcasts have become the future of marketing because this fit in the chaotic busy world. You must be thinking how? The podcasts are the audio-form that does not ask your eyes to be stuck on the screen of a laptop, phone, or any other electronic device.

You just need to put on the headphones and listen to the audio while traveling or working.  Best for the people who commute too much and unable to take out spare time for themselves.

5- E-books (added value content)

An electronic format that can be easily downloaded in the computer, laptops, smartphones & tablets, etc. Ebook is a book in an electronic format that can be read by the readers on their screen without having an internet connection. But, while buying the readers should have internet connectivity on your device to make the download easy.

You can create the presentable subjects in a way to impress the audiences. As per the demand of the customers you can create e-books with a piece of relevant information. This will help you in engaging with the buyers as you will be presenting them with what they asked for.

6- Interactive content

These days, the intuitive substance is the chief, with 93% of advertisers rating intelligent substance as exceptionally viable at instructing planned clients.

The present online customers need to interface with brands. They need to effectively draw in with items and administrations prior to making a buy.

Subsequently, the static, text-substantial substance isn’t sufficient all alone. In the current computerized showcasing scene, the intuitive substance is the fuel that brands need to succeed.

Types of Interactive Content that are worthy

  • Quizzes
  • Widgets
  • Maps
  • Games
  • Graphs & Charts
  • Interactive Infographics & Microsites
  • Interactive Video & Motion Graphics
  • E-Books Annual Reports
  • Calculators
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Timelines

7- Chatbots/AI

Due to being AI programming and utilizing AI, the more inquiries clients pose chatbots/AI. This implies that chatbots/AI can figure out how to give a superior and better insight for site guests and online media adherents and give them the data they’re searching for. Chatbots/AI can have a greater number of discussions with clients than a live group can and consequently can give more information to mine to bits of knowledge into them.

We hope, this blog will be helpful for you to figure out which type suits your business. According to your target audience and as per their interest you can try out some of the given content marketing trends.

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