Digital marketing in no more is as similar as it used to be five to six years back, with e-commerce at rapid expansion and backed by the massive proliferation of the smartphone has gone far beyond organic search and PPC. It is the preference of boomers and millennial and their buying behaviors that is making important buying decision for every single dollar earned by an online apparel store or food chain.

Personalization is the buzz world digital marketing agencies, the sellers and marketing heads of the present era as millennials are not that much brand conscious like their predecessor, but, are relived for product price sensitivity and have affinity towards product functionality and convenience of weighing and an easy access.         

So, marketers now will have to think about some better options to plan their promotional strategy for the coming year ahead. Here, are discussed some of the hot trends of digital marketing that can make a huge difference in sales figure at the end of the year.

  • Artificial Intelligence: The biggest problem faced by CEOs of present time is their nightmare with the heap of massive data with them plying from different sources. They don’t know what to do with the goldmine lying before or streamline it for the prospects and lead generation. Artificial intelligence can easily sort out useful data after analyzing it over social media, mail replies, blog post and other source. It can be easily integrated with CRM. Chat Bot is one such example of AI enabled application.       
  • Streamlining Online Advertising Models: It is by the means of programmatic advertising and inclusion of AI models of advertising is modified to better target intended audiences. Real time ad buying is most defined examples of streamlining an online advertising model.  With more efficient and fast advertising model there is a better surety about higher conversion rate on lesser customer attainment costs.   
  • Personalization: The most influencing aspect that is making a mark on digital marketing in the present era is personalization in every sphere of marketing communication whether it be a website, apps, content, product promotion, e-mails and others. Personalization helps a marketer to tweak its promotion for important data metrics like purchase cycle, buying and consumer behavior, tracking and moreover resulting into better lead and conversion rate.      

Next, personalization helps in maintaining an engagement level with a customer as an entire set of marketing collaterals can be developed around specific consumer behaviors.          

And the list even goes longer with trends like video marketing, image & voice search, influencer marketing, social message apps and others.     


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