Exhibitors use trade show banner stands to promote brand awareness and create a lasting impression on customers. It is a cost-effective way to add visual impact to the trade show display. Customers can use it in different settings to spread the marketing message.

There are different types of banner stands that exhibitors use while exhibiting at a trade show.

Different types of banner stands

Grasshopper Roller Stands

Grasshopper roller stands are perfect for those exhibitors who exhibit only once or twice a year. Roller Stands could purchase and buy in alone or a bundle of table cloths. It is a pocket-friendly way to spread brand awareness.

Pull-Up Banners

Pull-up banners are the most common type of banner. These banners are 3m high which gives the opportunity to make a high-level impact during the exhibition. These are fast and easy to set up at the exhibition ground.

Another benefit of a pull-up banner is that it is packed down well & covers a small footprint. So, it is easy to carry and transport the banner from one place to another.


X-Banner is another cost-effective option for the banner stand. These banners are light-weighted and easy to transport, making them a popular option for exhibitors to use while exhibiting. The banner is printed on a non-curl banner vinyl and tensioned on a lightweight fiberglass frame.

Pop-up Banners

The pop-up banner is the best option for regular exhibitors as it is highly durable as compared to other banners. There are potable and light-weighted, and put a high impact on the audience.

Fabric Banner Stands

Fabric Banner Stands are an alternative to pull-up banners. The frame consists of light-weighted aluminum poles that are joined together to create a base framework. Fabric print then slides over like a pillow cover.

TIRGA Banner Stands

TIRGA Banner Stand is a modern and stylish banner stand. It is an alternative to the standard banner stand. It is available in four different shapes: flat; concave, convex, and elliptical. This banner stand has no moving parts and lasts for a long time as compared to other stands.

Wave Light Tower

Wave light tower is the option to attract the audience while exhibiting in the dark exhibition hall. It is a backlit tower that can be inflated within 30 seconds. Easy to transport a wave light tower because it can be flattened. It has an inner core that makes the tower durable and stable enough to sit on without collapsing.


These banner stands are highly effective in communicating the brand message to the visitors. It is essential to choose the banner stand according to your exhibition requirements. If you are a new player or an existing one but, confused in selecting the right banner stands for your booth. Then no need to worry much because the Exhibition Stand Designing and Fabricating Company or your operational partner will suggest which banner stand is best for your booth.

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