If you have been travelling I am sure you are aware that even after meticulous planning of preparing a travel schedule, things to do, maps, connecting and reconfirming with everyone , things just gets cancelled for some reason or the other. 

If looked otherwise, there can be instances where nothing is prepared – as the focus shifts to overall experience and not on the stress behind in making things right. Yes there can be hiccups too where people can be missed but overall expectations are quite low and it turns out to be one of the best you ever had! 

This trip to Murtal from Delhi turned out to be one such experience. The icing on the cake was an excellent weather especially on Republic day!! 

With heavy showers the previous day, the weather was quite cloudy and breezy. Started in three cars the team geared up to reach Murtal in an hour. 

The radio in the car set the festive mood of Republic Day with energy driven songs. Singing at the top of our voices, self-driven selfies, racing amongst the others yet being together became the unintended agenda.

In the midst of all the fun, we heard the other members to stop our car as something was stuck. Imagine our surprise, it turned out to be our Indian Flag.

Our excitement knew no bounds when we started fluttering it against the wind. A sense of being alive came upon us as we were creating one moment where oneness could be seen. There were riders in bullets, bikers, other car passengers, all saluting and paying their respects to the Flag. It was an amazing feeling: a sense of achievement where things happening around you because of you!! 

With this overwhelming mindset, we reached our Dhabba at Murtal. Hot, steaming tea with gloriously buttered Paratas were a delight for our hungry eyes. The Republic Day Parade was on the big flat screen making the day as eventful it could have been. Being in the moment and enjoying each other`s company, it felt like One Big family breakfast.

The freshness of the first rains with its earthy fragrance kept us in high spirits. The return journey was as exciting as the onward creating sweet memories to last a lifetime.

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