Artificial intelligence and virtual reality are the most modern and contemporary technological innovation that are taking place in every field and walk of the life and exhibition industry are not exception to this trend. Exhibition stand builders in Dubai are making use of chatbots in order to reach out to its intended audiences.     

Chabot are conversational tools that let a customer to get instant response through programming driven language.  A common example of chatbot is little pop-ups existing at the bottom corner of a website. With capabilities of assisting chatbots are new emerging trend in event support.

What is amazing about chatbots is them being AI enabled to a larger extent for varieties of reasons and causes. However, the exhibition stand contactor in Dubai using more intent AI enabled chatbots that could they can understand the sentiment of people they are communicating with for pitching and services.

The most popular chatbots are those uses natural language processors and are imparted human driven training. The chatbot is taught to asking a question in many a number of ways that it could give answer to any version of the language.   

Chat bots in an event can be used for variety of usage and activities as they are good tool to relieve pressure from the team that are participating into an event.

Chatbots generally meant for the smaller events and activities as a communication method without depending upon the fully fledged event application. Chatbots are designed for now for every industry and exhibition stand building Dubai is not an exception to this. They are meant for every industry and activity.

Event users even don’t need to download a new app to use a chatbot or commit to sacrificing precious storage space on their phone. Instead, a chatbot is built into commonly used and popular apps like Facebook Messenger. This makes it quite easier to access, and therefore a more appealing way of using AI for events.

The chatbots implementation is quite rapid and fast in comparison to apps and is easily customizable. The changes required by a company can easily be incorporated into chatbot. At the implementation level with the help of artificial intelligence real time insight could be integrated with the chat box for the functionality like attendee engagement and satisfaction. During the event the real time features help to resolve any issues and problems faced by attendees during the event and they are even helpful about the post event surveys.      

It is even more useful tool for supporting the event team during different procedures and activities and carry out the coordination and communication around the corner 24×7.     


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