As the levels of green-house effects are increasing day-by-days and every industry is trying its level best to increase its carbon credits, the exhibition industry too participating into it and uniquely making efforts to reduce pollution by making their manufacturing and other processes green. Exhibition stand contractors in Dubai in the most exhibition friendly city of the world are making their best efforts to go greener in terms of processes, end products and materials they employ for production processes, end products and even materials they used for brand’s support tools. The Exhibition Stand builders in Dubai employ following efforts in order to make their exhibition fabrication processes rather simpler and easier.

•    Sustainable Exhibition Stand Material: Under the pressure of making exhibition processes more environment friendlier, the exhibition stand contractors in Dubai are shifting fabrication gears towards modular components and other things that can be set uniquely and in different ways.   

•    USE of LED Lighting: Event and exhibition industry in Dubai has been raised to a greater extent by using LED lighting towards greener exhibition stands and environment protection. Earlier exhibitions were used to employs product and services promoting route but now it has become a most integral part in B to B business promotion segment. By the method of projection mapping any image can be reflected over irregular shaped surface and object. Though, the led lighting is a much familiar and simpler way to projection, however, project mapping’s impact is much broader and extensive. LED lightboxes and programmable LEDs can be used over to change color and animate with proximity to product and services.       

•    Low-Energy Lighting: Another innovative method employed by exhibition companies in Dubai is employing lower emission lights. It is also emerging as a new exhibition design trend in Dubai. Low energy lighting combining with light dispersing fabrics is a noble way to use lower emission lights. Green giveaway branded products instead of branded pens, notepads and other objects collecting dust can be avoided.  Hence more eco-friendly presents like re-usable products, online presents and discounts could be used over here.

•    Innovative Stand Material: The exhibition stand contractor companies in Dubai are investing into the eco-friendly product and services range like fabrics and are disinvesting from logo and shots and moving towards lifestyle patterns and activities. Fabric being lightweight and moldable in various attractive shapes is now being more preferable in comparison to traditional material. Other popular materials used in stand fabrication in Dubai being known for eco-friendliness is wood and metal. Metal for its being non-perishable entity could be used over for many years.

Hence, the above mentioned alternative methods have made exhibition stand building in Dubai an easy and eco-friendly affair.


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