In the era of online, when, the role of print in advertising and marketing communication is getting diminished day-by-day, it is highly debatable, whether, the graphics has lost its charm or has become more intensified in the period of advertisement frequently displayed over websites, search engines and social media.

Whether, it be a print or online medium, graphic designing company in Delhi, rightly, pitches the advertising campaign for messaging and branding requirement of the companies. It further integrates all the important elements into advertising including graphics, colors, photos, videos and laminations.      
However, with a massive stimulating power, the graphics still has a great role to play and can be executed in and through the overall advertising campaign.  Some popular graphic trends that is swaying all around the graphic industry include:-  

•    USE OF FONTS IN COLOUR:  The use of chromatic fonts also known as colour fonts is in graphic trend right now.  OpenType fonts with supplementary information included in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format. In this type of font, supplementary information is being attached in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format.  Hence, font files stores further additional information as colour, texture and gradient.         

•    ANIMATED TYPOGRAPHY: With the specific and more elaborated usage, the animated typography is being used more in social media campaigns and activities. The font lifted and twisted a bit around the new typographies bring an extra zing of interactivity and pleasure to social media content for all types of branding and app usage in coming years.   

•    TEXTURE IN PRINT DESIGN: To raise the levels of creativity in advertising, the texture in print design are introduced.  There is an obvious and clear disparity between printed design, which has a physicality and tactility that web design can’t rival, which is why, it is still and indispensable tool for marketing.

•    MAXIMALISM AND INDIVIDUALITY: Minimalist approach in graphic designing appears to be over and at present has been appearing to be transferring towards maximalism. The graphic designers appearing to be more adventurous with colour and creative with embellishment and adornment the strong detail and stronger usage of rainbow palette is in there in extensively in usage.  

This way graphic designing companies in Delhi are making the best use of newly focused graphic trends into the advertising.


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