advertising trends in Delhi

No doubt, the advertising agencies in Delhi through conventional and had thrived through the older ways of advertising and promotion are switching through the new digital ways of doing promotion and activation. It is for the first time, that advertising expenditure of digital medium has reached nearer to traditional mediums like newspaper and television Ads. Hence, the new trend of advertising has been started taking place in Delhi as well in India in following areas and domains of expertise.

  • The primary area where advertising is taking place and creating new diversions is artificial learning and machine learning. Applied Intelligence also learnt to be narrow AI is interesting and is weaved into programmatic advertising technology. Based upon the AI algorithms, the marketing predication has become more accurate by the advertising agencies in Delhi for buying products like FMCG, Electronic Goods and others. Moreover programmatic advertising is taking new due course driven by AI technology like RTB (Real Time Bidding) in determining while which display ad impressions one should bid upon and upon which one should not.           
  • Transparency in advertising programs is the next core area where advertising agencies are required to focus upon their attention. Advertisers, now-a-days are keener to learn about the where their investments and fees has been pitched and focused upon. This has brought a new trend into advertising, where, in house programmatic platforms has been devised in order to breaks down ROI with complete transparency through all reporting metrics and activities. So, focus right now is upon the advertisers and publishers able to manage campaign and manipulate changes in real-time.
  • The next important scenario related to advertising taking place in Delhi is programmatic advertising to root out the issues like widespread ad fraud, view ability issues, transparency matter and brand safety matters. It will become all around 67% digital advertising in 2018.     
  • Amazingly, technology, used for the cryptocurrenices like Bitcoin is a unique way to fix issues like ad frauds, transparency and authentication in advertising patterns and activities.  It has potential to change the advertising scenario, forever.             
  • With the help of IOT (Internet of Things) different advertising POP (Point of Presence) are coming into the touch with each other. In future the programmatic ad campaigns will reaming in touch with each other across the various formats.  Voice assistants like think Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant are reinventing itself day-by-day for a better future of advertising.     

So, the future of advertising holds in the hands of being programmatic and bringing better business results.




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