By optimizing landing page effectively a business can earn genuine customers as it is an important element of inbound marketing strategy and lead generation process.

What is Landing Page?

Landing page is the website page that turns traffic into genuine leads. It allows to capture visitor’s information through a lead form that further helps the business in building good customer base.

Or in other words it can be said that landing page means, destination page where the visitors land when they first reach to the website. Even in Google analytics there is a report that keeps the record of landing page traffic of your site.

What is Landing Page optimization (LPO)?

Landing Page Optimization (LPO) is the process of optimizing and improving website’s elements to increase conversion. Landing Page Optimization is the subset of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), it helps to generate business leads by optimizing the page effectively. LPO also includes A/B testing to improve conversion rate of the landing page.

A/B testing is the process in which individuals, teams, and companies make careful changes to their user experiences while collecting data on the results.

Way of Landing Page Optimization

  • Design it Effectively: While designing your landing page always pay attention on things that can be liked by the visitors. Remember that you have designed the landing page to bring leads and it is for your audience to understand that what offer you are proving so keep their likening above your thinking. Design an innovative page that can appeal the reads and allow them to perform some call-to-the-action. Be concise and pay heed to every small detail, choose images and fonts that support the content. Expert digital marketing companies in Delhi or working from big cities can do this immediately with having ample exposure of the filed.   

Use simple words that can be easily understood by all, such as CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD, CLICK HERE NOW, etc. Finally add social media button, so that if your visitors like something unique and worth sharing they can easily share the link to their family, friends or anyone they want to know about you.


  • Creating Lead Capturing Form: Capturing leads through forms is not as easy as it sounds, it can either make or break up landing page. It’s true that forms are helpful in collecting data and leads information as well as segmenting it. So, it is important to understand what information should be there in the form.

Instead of using comment box, using drop-down or checkboxes will be more beneficial and effective. By doing this visitors will show more interest in filling the form and it will provide you segmented results. This save your time of data collection and segmentation.

Another important point to remember in the forms are what information you have to ask. Mostly name and email id is sufficient but, in some business phone number is also needed, depending on the business the form and the information asked may vary.

  • Engaging Content: While writing content for your landing page keep in mind that don’t put things that speaks about how grand your company is or what are your achievements. Tell the audience that what offer you are giving them through this landing page and how will it help your visitors.

Also keep the content simple and easy, if you are not professional can seek help from a professional digital marketing agency. Don’t define terminology or use jargon because it is only the landing page where it is important for the readers to understand that why they are filling the form and what will they get.


  • A Clear Thank You Page: Once you are done with creating prefect landing page and generating lead it’s time to thank your visitors for filling up the form. Here are some important things that must be mentioned in your thank you page.
  1. First of all thank your lead for showing their interest in filling the form and let them know that you are appreciating their interest.
  2. After filling the form your visitors expects a few things such as when will they hear from you? When will they receive the offer in their email’s inbox for which the filled the form? etc. for that you need to mention these things clearly on the thank you page, like – “Thank you for reaching out! We will contact you in the next 1-3 business days or we will reach back to you in a few hours.”

Now, remember one thing that after optimizing the landing page it takes time to generate useful leads it is not going to happen overnight.





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