A vehicle cannot run without fuel and same is the case with digital marketing. In today’s era a firm cannot step ahead towards success without seeking digital marketing services.

The digital landscape keeps varying according to ongoing market trends. This year there is a rise in artificial intelligence, e-mailer, chatbots and more. This is an apt time for marketers to involve more in more on digital marketing platforms because so many possibilities exist to mix your channels together and elevate ROI and seek assistance from the digital marketing agencies in Delhi and other big cities.   
Gone are those days when we used to work day in and day out in searching and convincing our audience. Digital platforms has made our task of targeting our audience easy as we can find majority of them on digital media platforms.

Here are some digital marketing channels that every marketer should use as an essential marketing tool in 2019.

•    Social Media Stories: Posting stories on social media platforms like – Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp has become trend now a days. People are focusing more on stories than posts and new feeds. Businesses use stories as the part of their promotion to attract and engage customers. Many businesses upload behind the scenes, interviews, events, or official parties on their stories to drive engagement of audience.  Don’t abandon your schedule posts. Use stories to enhance your business online presence. As social media continues to evolve, stories are a great way to connect with your followers in more engaging ways and you are easily guided by digital marketing agencies in this task.

•    Chatbots: Due to advancement in AI, Chatbots are gaining immense popularity in the business field. It is becoming the most popular interface to connect and interact with the customers. It is estimated that over 1.4 billion people a year use chatbots and by 2020 chat bots will cover about 85 % of customer service.
Chatbots are software that are developed to interact with people and help them in ordering products or finding information regarding their personal account details.
It provides quick response to the customers and they are able to retrieve information without picking up the phone call.
Firms noticed increase in both lead and sales after the involvement of chatbots in their business. A study shows that a delayed response by even 10 minutes can decrease your chances of a sale by 400%.
Chatbots are being used by businesses for many objectives:
•    To save time and money
•    To generate leads and sales
•    To push customers towards better services and products
•    To provide 24 hours services
•    To provide personalized experience
While chatbots won’t be replacing customer service any time soon, they are the best way to get your customers information quickly.

•    Videos: Including videos in digital marketing strategies are reaching heights every day and there is no chance of decreasings in 2019. By uploading videos social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram businesses are gaining high rate of engagement for their interviews, product demos, etc. It is very important to incorporate videos in your digital marketing strategies as it is not going anywhere this year. It is an effective way to increase customer engagement.

•    E-mails: Emails are not leaving the market easily, so no need to worry about the rumors that email is going to die, isn’t going anywhere. After so many new digital media marketing technique introduced in the market emails are highly used all around the world. Every day new users are creating their accounts on emailing platforms.

For generating more leads and engaging more customers through e-mails it is important to bring some changes in the e-mail contents.

Inbox of users are always flooded with promotional e-mails and in such conditions chances are high that they can miss the informational one. So, you need to send emails with subject line that catches the attention of users and its body should be crisp and interesting.

•    SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Search Engine Optimization is one of the best digital media marketing channel for acquiring interest of people. By searching keywords on search engines most people find new companies and products on internet. They may go through the company and can become its loyal customer.

People search for the required topic using keywords on the search engine and they get the most relevant answer to their query. Marketers learn most searched and appropriate keywords related to their industry and put them in their company’s blog articles, website content, social media posts, etc.
These keywords are picked up by the digital marketing agencies from search engines and displayed on the screen while searched by the users. The users click on your link and get their answer, they may perform call-to-action by downloading your pdf, clicking on your video link etc., to get their query solved more clearly. However, there are many paid tools as well that helps a company to  

SEO increases your website’s traffic, number of customers, brand awareness etc.

Usage of digital marketing channels for promotion and increasing ROI is becoming more popular in 2019. Using these channels will boost your business reach by spending minimum or sometimes no money. Marketers need to do optimum utilization of these channels to increase their market reach. These channels are the easiest way to uplift your brand.



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