You do what you do the best – your business. Let us do what we are good at – increasing it.


Colour Square is a full-service advertising agency which handles all the marketing and advertising aspects of your business. These usually include strategic planning, production, creativity, and innovations as well as interactive marketing services via the internet. After all, time is money and it's important that you are making the most of your time in doing what you do best – your business, and allow the experts to do what they do best – advertising.

Nitin Sharma, M.D. says, "Most people who are into business, find that advertising and marketing are eating most of their precious time and taking them away from their core work. If they indulge in these aspects, they might become experts in advertising, but lose out on their main objective of doing business. So, using the services of a reliable and efficient advertising agency is always beneficial, it saves you precious time and keeps you focused on the right track."

Since its inception, Colour Square has been serving more than 600 satisfied clients from different industries and sectors pan India, including and ranging small businesses, SMEs, big corporate houses and MNCs. Being a blend of ATL and BTL, they have created campaigns from soup to nuts, outdoor, TV, radio, right down to websites and microsites. The agency offers a detailed list of services to its clients that covers every facet of advertising, it's a one stop answer to all of client's marketing needs.

The digital component of Colour Square offering provides SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services, digital marketing including SMO (Social Media Optimization), content and mobile marketing, web marketing from publishing, page tracking and web design. They have a clear mandate to ensure as many potential customers as possible should see the best in your products and services, and eventually give them strong reasons to avail of them. Colour Square deals in diverse verticals and has carved out a name for itself through quality work in the Indian marketing world.

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