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A leading stall fabricator in Delhi and Mumbai, Coloursquare has carved a distinct niche for itself developing the custom exhibition according to the client requirement and specifications. What make us exceptional in exhibition booth designing is about delivering according to the client’s specifications while delivering exactly to the corporate identity and positioning goals of the company.

While creating booth fabricators on the guidelines of clients, we, pay full attention to the every detail send to us by clients. We put our best foot forward in order to register the maximum footfall for the client at the exhibition ground while strengthening brand position among business prospects.

We pay complete attention to every information about the booth offered to us by the client and pass it to our exhibition booth builders, who, based upon received information create innovative stand offering your brand complete and distinct visibility in the exhibition ground. We create a different class for your brand among business prospects and clients.

Our team of seasoned 3D designers makes marvelous stands rightly proving them to be the ultimately delivering to the client requirements. Our exhibition booth designers in Delhi and Mumbai are smart enough to interpret client details for the brand advantage and requirement. However, while designing the exhibition booth in Delhi for our clients we are governed by aspecific process that we follow. Below are the steps that we follow in designing an exhibition booth.

Obtaining the clear brief from the client for decorating the booth.
Estimating different aspects of the stall including costing .
Developing the stall from very scratch and making it ready for transportation.
Next it is the display stand that is to be ready to be shipping and transportation.
After that, the stand get installed at the spot and becomes center of attraction for the visitors.
There are many a number of reasons for becoming Custom Stands to be very popular amongst exhibitors.

Custom exhibition booth offers a great number of opportunity for a product to be displayed at the stall. With a custom exhibition stall creativity could be explored in a stall according to brand guidelines.
A custom exhibition booth let a company’s image to be reflected in a much robust and effective way. In the custom booth design, company’s entire corporate identity get be reflected and expressed on the booth or stall.

Therefore from the exhibition booth designer perspective, a custom designer booth yields great results for a business looking for a better leads and business generation.

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