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Exhibition Stand Designing in Dubai is consisted of many complicated stages and is a highly skilled job, hence, is being carried out by the best exhibition companies in Dubai. Coloursquare is one of those reputed exhibition stand contractors in Dubai that make exquisitely beautiful and brand savvy exhibition stands. However, as an advertiser you are required to know all the details of the technicalities of exhibition stand building. Below are some answers to the questions that a customer ask us to offer.

Coloursquare is a highly experienced team in the exhibition stand building, globally, has its own sprawling exhibition stand designing studio. Our team of exhibition stand designers is highly professional and have training from some of the best design studios. At our studio, we uses the most advanced computer designing software. Not only are our designers are qualified in generating high quality 3D CAD designs but at the same time know every intricacies of exhibition stand designing. After taking an elaborate brief from clients we as exhibition stand builders in Dubai, produce exhibition stand exactly to their requirement and are always available online to answer any business query.
As an exhibitor, first of all you should be sure of your reason for participating in an exhibition or trade expo. If you are clear about the reason behind participating in the exhibition that would be of great help in deciding the concept and layout of the stand depending upon your reason whether it be marketing or sales purpose. In case the reason for participating in the exhibition happens to be meeting prospects and converting them into customer, then the stand should be brand centric and product USP based. And we are ready to serve you as best exhibition companies in Dubai.

However certain pointers for an excellent exhibition designing follows as:-

• The exhibition stand should be thoroughly distinctly neat and clean
• In the exhibition stand graphics there should be clear manifestation of company’s brand and slogan.
• The exhibition stand’s design must be being like achieving its goals as earliest as possible.
• All the details like colour scheme, product display, signage and furniture should be in the sync with the concept of exhibition stand.
• Position of the Dubai exhibition stand on the floor plan assures you a good foot fall.
• Exhibition Stand should also have a storage space and pantry.
Yes, definitely, coloursquare has its own design studio as well as extensive picture library and bank. You can choose from thousands of designs from varying stall concepts and other situation existing during exhibition stall designing. We, not only have collection of impressive images for the graphic branding requirement but also have a team of experienced and professional graphic designer that can design stall according to brand requirement of the company. We do also purchase stock images on the behalf of our clients. With an extensive image bank at our exposure you will have an access to a great numbers of images from across the globe.
As we are one of the leading exhibition stand companies in Dubai, it will be matter of joy that we gladly design your exhibition stand. You are required only to provide us the detailed brief of your stall and how to design it. Based on a detailed brief and we shall handle the rest as preparing a detailed 3D design and provide you a detailed 3D design and presentation
Time estimation for getting an exhibition stand ready after the final approval of design depends upon many factors. The details of the exhibition design is the most important determinant to decide upon the time of the stand delivery. Apart from the intricacies of design other factors that determine delivery of stand include, the elements number elements, the size of the stand, the type of material used in the exhibition stand and others. Generally, it took minimum 10 turnaround days. However, for exact estimation of delivery timings you can talk to your project manager.
Prepared by our experienced professional designers, we provide an elaborate 3D design of your exhibition stand and that service is provided absolutely for free. As long as you are not satisfied by the design you are not required to place the final order. To qualify all your queries, we have a team of experienced client services executives that remain in constant touch with you to carry out all the changes suggested by you. After the stand design being finalized, you are offered with a proper 3D presentation and after the final approval, we begin exhibition stand manufacturing process.
Graphic designing or branding is an integral part of our process of exhibition stand building in Dubai. The branding graphics for modular as well as custom stall can easily be modified by our team of experienced graphic designers as well as exhibition stand designers. Not only this, we also offer services to change the exhibition stand looks according to the evolving marketing campaigns or changed corporate identity. In modular system changing save you a lot of money instead of investing into a new modular system.
ColourSquare has a stock of very high quality flooring material, carpets, platforms, lighting, furniture and audio video equipment as well as other accessories like as tea/coffee machines, drinking water dispenser, etc. on rent. You can ask us for the list of equipments on rent.
Our custom as well as modular exhibition stands are designed and fabricated in such a manner to offer you with trouble free service for years. In case, any of your exhibition stand gets damaged, we instantly provide you with replacement part on a very short notice. We always keeps a very big inventory of all crucial spare parts at our stock. Get in touch with us if you require any replaceable part.
As exhibition stand companies in Dubai, Coloursquare always keep a very huge reserve of modular exhibition stands and have an extensive range of custom designs at our library as an exhibition stand contractor in Dubai.
It is a matter of great pleasure for coloursquare to present you with a presentation of its custom and modular stand designing and that is absolutely free of cost. At the same time, we also offer right modular exhibition stand suiting our objectives. For a free presentation and demo please contact ColourSquare.
As a custom exhibition stand builder in Dubai at the moment of stand installation you are always invited at the expo to see the process and carry out any last minute changes. Our, I&D experts will help to carry out the changes.To learn more about the installation and dismantling please contact Coloursquare.
ColourSquare has its own state-of-the-art warehouse in Dubai where its exhibition stands are get manufactured.
Custom modular exhibition stands in Dubai are designed according to the individual needs and clients specifications. Generally, large in size custom exhibition stands have different layouts and designs.
Shell scheme exhibition stands are known to be the least expensive among exhibition stands. They are generally comprised of basic partition walls, a fascia and basic furniture and lighting. They are not stand alone exhibition stands instead are part of rows of identical exhibition stands.
Modular exhibition stands are normally pre-engineered exhibition having collapsible roofs, wall and panels. Modular exhibition stands happens to be lightweight, portable and re-usable. These stands can be used for several times and very easy to pack and transport. They are especially designed to survive for a longer period of time and suitable for multiple exhibition experiences. Moreover, modular exhibition stands graphics can be used with a completely new batch of graphics.
Exhibition brief forms are the first set of documents shared by exhibition stand contractors in Duabi with a client. A brief of form is consisted of client details like company profile, objective of attending the exhibition, target audience, the objective to be attained from participating in the exhibition stall. The brief form can be modified in the due course of development of exhibition stand. It is a very important paper that allows an exhibition stand building contractor to understand the exact client requirement.
The exhibition stand contractor has to be provided with a possession letter while giving them control of the exhibition stand site on the behalf of the client.
Video walls for exhibition stand do not have any certain dimensions and they are being differentiate upon the designs need. However, a common measurement for AV wall is four feet by seven feet.
The usual formats for videos explored at the exhibition stand are Mpeg 4, Avi, and wmv.
A video wall can be self-standing on its own base or it can be mounted on to the wall of the exhibition stand, provided the panel is strong enough to support the weight of the video wall.
Generally, all exhibition service provider offer laptop to run the visuals on a video wall.

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