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Where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an organic and self-occurring online proliferation activities, contrary, Search Engine Marketing in Delhi is a paid activity with its focus being around branding and instant online sale and lead generation activity for special promotional occasions, events and product selling. In the range of Search Engine Marketing Services (SEM) in NCR including Delhi and others, the prominent activities at which Coloursquare has a major role to play and execute is PPC (Pay Per Click) and Display Advertising. PPC offer automatic instant SERP ranking and lead generation in return to bidding fee paid to search engines and other (Pay-Per-Click) networks. as a Digital Marketing Company in Delhi let an online businesses to be at the top position on a search engine after careful bidding and keyword selection. Google ADWORDS and Double Click is a most popular PPC (Pay-Per-Click) programs. Some other popular services provider for PPC include Microsoft ADcenter and Yahoo Networks.

Benefits with COLOURSQUARE PPC and Display Advertising

The PPC under Search Engine Marketing services Delhi by Colour Square are for the businesses that seeks prompt business results on a small budget. It is the smartest way to reach a customer. Pay-Per-Click delivers fast results within smaller time frame and limit. Some of the benefits of PPC advertising by ColourSquare are:-
Our PPC campaigns offers an exact ranking in the search engines with variation in the bid amount. As 80% of people on internet uses search engines to find information, hence, the impact of PPC campaign remains to be massive and huge.
Customization of budgeting is another useful feature of PPC mode of search engine marketing. PPC empowers an advertiser to customize the budget according to business needs. The biggest advantage with the PPC campaign is that the daily budget specified can be increased or decreased depending on the performance of an ad campaign.
Targeted and location based campaign is another unique characteristic of PPC campaigns with us. With location features, the campaigns could be restricted at certain areas and points. The customization features makes the approach for campaigns to be more focused and concentrated.
Most importantly, PPC management service profits quick results and is short-term in nature compared with other means of online advertisements. These advertisements can be easily tracked and traced. You get detailed report on which keywords are searched or which advertisements are clicked and that if any conversion has been made.

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A Broader Classification of Search Engine Optimization Services Delhi For Lead Enabled Conversions

PPC Planning

ColouSquare helps a business to target the search engine ads and social advertisement to grow the audience, visibility, engagement and traffic.

PPC Execution

After the initial level of business estimation the next step is the PPC execution for the related business industry and causes.

Keywords Research

Crux to all the search engine marketing related activities is keyword that are very crucial in searching for the information.

Ad Writing

A pitch and call-to-action driven copy is an essential part a PPC campaign and we do it with dexterity and unmatched expertise.

Ad Extensions

Specially devised features for a call-to-action monitoring across on different contemporary trend and opportunities.

PPC Tracking

ColourSquare just not make PPC strategy for its clients but at the same time keep on tracking the ads as they are correctly targeted.

PPC Optimization

We take special care of the web personalization and organic traffic of the website that is directly proportional to PPC bidding.

PPC Reporting

We offer you a complete and furnished keyword performance report for the keywords like click and lead generated through the campaign.

Campaign Targeting

According to a client’s preference of location and target audience, we get brand visibility and lead generation for the campaign goals and promotions.

Bid optimization

To take a tap on the pricing of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) while minimizing the pricing of the campaign, we employ different ways and methods.

Remarketing & Retargeting

Special customized campaigns to target the frequent visitors to your website with the best ROI (Return of Investment) and conversion ration targeting.

Display Advertising

With rising importance of image optimization, the Display Advertising campaigns, specifically, around the call-to-action eye catch graphic ads.

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