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ColourSquare’s digital marketing services solution is based around offering a client an intensive and lead generation focused approach for generating a business with its SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques in Delhi. Using the most latest and contemporary search engine techniques based around web semantics and personalization, the best SEO Company in Delhi help a business to garner valuable online traffic on various search engines like SERP (SEARCH ENGINE RANKING PAGES) of Google, Bing and other search engines. The impact of SEO on ROI (Return on Investment) of business always remain emphatic as a website emerging on a Google’s first page will always have a better business generating opportunity as well as propensity to do business. The Search Engine Optimization Services Delhi are based around upon two important factors of SEO being like as On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization. However, the role of Keyword Analysis is of the optimum value and importance when doing and carrying out Digital Marketing Services in Delhi, whether, it is an on page optimization or off page optimization.

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A Broader Classification of Search Engine Optimization Services Delhi For Lead Enabled Conversions


In the range of Seo Company in Delhi,the selected keywords on the parameters of Semantic Web are rightly placed at the user interface content as well as at the backend by RDF (Resource Description Format) through tags as Meta Tags, Content Optimization, Anchor Tag, Alt Text to make the pages to be quite nearer and search engine friendly. The pages better optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) always bring better results in terms of online traffic and SERP ranking. Better SEO optimized pages mostly carry out good results in terms too.


Whereas, the on page optimization is being done on the page of a website, the off page optimization is an exercise that is being carried out on the pages other than a client’s website. In off page optimization under SEO Company Delhi activities, your web’s authority is being placed over across the cyber space with the help of blogging, submission and sharing across the social media sites.

Overall Range of Search Engine Optimization Services in Delhi Includes

On-Page Activities
On page optimization is the prominent activity that is being carried out on carrying search engine optimization changes on a website. The core of on-page search engine optimization activities is consisted of keywords and keywords phrases. Keywords play an important role in indexing and web semantics of digital marketing activities in Delhi. Some important activities of on page optimization include:-

Competitor analysis is the first important activity of on page optimization. It helps a website to assess its reputation and position online.

Website analysis is the next important step of on page SEO in Delhi that involves website’s performance of various search engines.

Keyword Research is another important part of SEO in Delhi activities. An assessed keyword rightly placed on search engine helps a website to grow, tremendously.

The role of designing and site structure plays an important role in success of the website in terms of traffic and search engine popularity. We re-designs the website according to the latest SEO changes.

However, coding in a website is an important segment of search engine optimization activities. We simplify the website’s code in real time.

In the end, without a good content development practice, a website cannot good search engine results and online traffic.

Off-Page Activities
We submit your website for the purpose of indexing on Google and some of the popular search engines available.

Web submit your websites’ url manually on the most popular online directories.

A websites urls are submitted on a various bookmarking sites.

In this stage, the blogs are created and optimized around the theme and keywords of the website that is being promoted.

Under this stage documents as ppt and pdfs are developed and duly shared at different position and locations online.

Classified, Content Marketing, Blog Commenting, Press Releases Creation & Submission, Forums, Articles / Blog Posting and other are some of the other Search Engine Optimization activities in Delhi.

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